Mixed Major Tournaments – Part 9

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • Fullring
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Jonathan Little plays a monstersession on PokerStars and made part 9 of a 10 part series of different Tournaments with Buy-ins from $36 up to $5.000.


Live Video PokerStars series

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  • Konti23


    Have fun!
  • MissPipedream


    first ^^
  • Bone1984


  • cojonel


    i realllly want to see those videoss :OO nxt goal next month to be platinum :))))
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    i dont quite understand ur push at minute 8:00 with the K9o hand. u say urself that the guy was extraordinary tight against ur raises and he basically commits himself with his 3bet. besides u dont really win much in that hand but can lose a lot.
  • aaltvater


    min 3:30 i dont like your betsize with 55, you will never donk/fold with this betsize and you will nearly never donk some weakish hands here for 8k/10k. i think a size like 5k would be much better, because then he can give himself some fold equity with a raise or try to float you with overcards. on the other hand a betsize around half pot would make our bluffs much cheaper in these spots.
  • silent21


    i have seen alot of movies by other sites and winning players but those are the ones that makes my game pretty relaxing and somehow i feel pretty confident and dont give a shit about any frickin beat

    respect Jon!
  • Grottesco


    running pretty hot uh?
  • CBFunk


    Hi, just posting what JonathanLittle sent me via email:

    With the 55, I think leading small looks stronger than leading for a standard size, although if the guy really bad, leading small may be best.
    Mig likes to reraise me simply because he knows I open raise a lot. That being said, folding is probably right here most of the time.
  • schamubaer


    i i would have bet sth about 6k there or maybe even just c/c.
  • bj355


    Does anyone agree with luguyluc's call for half his stack and fold to a push? I sure hope not....