PLO $200 SH Session Review - Part 3

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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In the final part of his 3-part PLO $200 series, suitedeule continues to review his play and talks about topics such as slowplaying strong draws multiway and attacking "locked down" boards with backdoor equity.


series Session Review

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  • all3xxandra


    nice reads..nice vids..i'm new in the "industry" and i wanna ask's hard without that program?cuz i wanna focus on omaha but i can't find a special program for omaha for free trial..i don't wanna buy for the moment,just want to try one...can you help me?keep it that reads are really amazing and i'll wait for more vids
  • suitedeule


    thx ;)

    u mean the one that display my stats? (holdem manager omaha?)

    no not really. if u dont play too many tables and carefully study ur opponents a hud isnt necessary. u can always try holdem manager (afaik its 2 weeks for free or sth like that) and check how it improves ur game but as i said: if u take notes and ur not playing more than 4-6 tables its definitely ok to play w/o a hud
  • all3xxandra


    okay,ty.hope that you will post more vids cuz it's hard stuff what you know and maybe i learn somthing from here.nice job
  • suitedeule


    i released a couple more for pokerstrategy. just go to the video section and search for "suitedeule". (and future videos will be coming out soon, no worries ;) )
  • Zhusy


    Hello, I am sorry but I have to comment and please don't find this comment bad or as a critic, just look at it as an advice for improvement. Maybe I don't have the right to comment cuz I have only cca. 20k hands in PLO and I am a rookie by that but i have to add cuz I am a drama queen.

    Before all of that I have to admit I like and dislike your playstyle, some of the moves were good, the HUd usage is so great, I hope I will start using some kind of tracker soon, I have problems with my license (got stolen) and the PS one kinda doesn't work.

    What I mostly dislike:

    When you were commenting, some of the sentences were kinda annoying and useless. Try to avoid some rather dumb remarks.

    Example: ''I can't check call the flop out of position but I can do it in position'', in HU you can't check call in position, and that time you wre HU.

    2. You called some people ''fish'', I saw 3 hands from them and they didn't seem fishy at all, so your remark on their play and considering the stats I saw was bad.

    3. Some, 1 or 2 (can't remember anymore) shoves were soooo bad, maybe your concentration fell, but that can't explain some of the bad folds. I won't go into that deeper cuz that needs more discussion and a thread.

    lol I forgot 1 crucial part, sorry : <

    Anyways keep up that play and the good work, I liked it and I learned a lots.

    Du bist ganz gut :>
    GL in the future
  • Ribbo


    Zhusy, take note that this session was recorded 9 months ago. A lot of metagame strategy heads up changes over that time, so these videos can look dated pretty fast.

    Also don't be surprised that poker players on occasion use bad semantics, especially ones whose first language isn't English. :-)

    I think we all understood what he meant, it just came out badly.
  • Zhusy


    true, thats why I say this is only for improvement, so that in future vids he does have the ''improvements'' :)