Major Leaks on NL $50 - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In this series, Hasenbraten talks about the mistakes regular players frequently make.


Major Leaks on NL50 SH series Theory Video

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  • FalstaFF


    nice misstakes :)
  • kamus77


    Alguien lo podria traducir al español :P

    porque parece muy interesante para ver.

  • malchique


    quality stuff here, thanks, definitely good strategy points in exploiting weaker regulars
  • Mondkeks


    i never make mistakes
  • zima406


  • STR82ACE


    Excellent video. Well done.
  • larry3d


    das intro ist schon wieder mal epic
  • ever220


    I liked that
  • Palienko


    very nice video, ty
  • Kruppe


    it's plus eewee even though it's sinn, imo
  • Kruppe


    is -1 weakness good or bad? ;)
  • Kruppe


    loosingtightness ftw :D
  • Kruppe


    he's notoften cbetting 9-QQ on K83r, right? and he'll often check 66-77 too

    or is my assumption wrong?
  • Gerv


    I liked the video and +1 to #3 :D
  • Straate


    nice video
  • MKR


    Alter Schwede, mein Hirn raucht! Wenn vielleicht noch zusätzlich das eine oder andere Praxisbeispiel eingefügt wäre, würde ich mich jetzt nicht so schlapp fühlen. But nice video!
  • noclaninator


    but K83r is a monster cbet board. Anything that isn't AA AK or a set is scared of this board. This board should always be cbet and is very good for bluffing for that reason.
  • jokin4party


    nice video, ty hasenbraten
  • jostio


    Great and nice video hansebraten!!!
  • LueZaS


  • ostromila


    Много ми се иска да преведете това видео, за всички от българската общност. Мисля, че ще е много полезно за всички.
  • CAODAN444


  • DessiP


    В процес на превод е :) Предвидено е за другия месец.
  • Mahlzahn


    Gutes Video, allerdings ein wenig lang. Auf Grund der durchschnittlichen Aufmerksamkeitsspanne der meisten Menschen sollten solche reinen Theorievideos mMn 30min nicht überschreiten. Lieber einen Teil mehr raushauen als die Leute zu überfordern ;) Konzept der Serie is aber nice. Schön zu sehen, dass ihr zusehends Serien produziert, die Theorie, Sessionreviews und Livevideos verknüpfen! Keep up the good work
  • MihaJoker


    very useful video, thank you very much!
  • innaig86


    Very nice.
  • rifearmo85


    Nice vid!
  • chkerstin


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  • Woodcrasher


    I watched the video completely and am a NL10 SH player with +/- 100000 hands experience, mainly chasing fish on NL10 and generally giving regulars a walk. This video will help me to exploit EV+ situations with regulars on NL10 and higher. But not right away ...

    Is was a very tuff video for me and I will have to re-study it as my experience grows.

    But most important it gives me a way of how I need to look at certain aspects of the game to get better(f.e. : second barreling guys, cbet stats, blindbattles, bluffing spots, ...)

    Thanks a lot and I hope to understand the video completely through personal development soon.

    Kind regards Tom
  • hansbans


    Thumbs up! Hasenbraten vids is +++++ev
  • paniini


    super nice one! probably should be shared to 2 videos tight information bit long one with 54mins but extremely nice information about leaks!
  • LemOn36


    Thanks, it was all common sense pretty much, I will love to see how you apply this in next vids of the series :)
  • joaoovelha1


    #10 ftw
  • Richyrich66


    nice vid
  • DecMate


    Hey hasenbraten, thankyou for your video(S!) i really enjoy them, your easy to listen too. Post more! :P