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Somnius on the mid stakes: In this video he will tell you, with what hands you should not fire out a continuation bet on certain flops, after you have been the preflop aggressor.


Contibet flop Session Review

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  • icanhazit


  • kammikammerl


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen!
  • turoo


  • WhoWee


  • daberndl


    great vid like always! love your voice^^ its like listening to bob ross or something, somehow i feel good when i listen to you.
  • kearney


    sigst + caught teh gay :D
  • NumbSchiller


    pls uncheck "Show Known Cards" next time
    apart from that I really liked your movie
  • NumbSchiller


    sorry I wrote this before minute 6 :)
  • Play4forlife


    #2 Fail.

    english vid
  • flint1005


    very nice vid, ty
  • Siete777


    im way too tired to leave comments... ^^

    can u delete the comment, im gonna post it again with deleting most of the mistakes:

    Hi somnius.

    Just watched a few minutes and both hands I saw were kind of misplayed from my point of view.

    min 7: I dont agree 100 % with ur points for checking back ur A9 on T69 rainbow. IF the opponent is going to fire 100 % of the turncards and rivercards u might be right, but how often do we have this special situation? We might lose value against hands like KQ, 67s, 68s, 89, 77, 88 etc. that will c/c or even c/r but might c/f the turn cauz of the equity shift.

    min 21: I dont understand why u dont bet the turn. His cb flop almost always is sd value, so why not bet against 67, 89, 9t or some pp? If he - as u say - just calls one street u can bet 80 on the turn and have the same value as check turn bet river, whereas u have reverse implied odds giving him his 5outer for free. He might level himself into a call if the draw busts or he might even cb a draw he would have shoved to ur bet if he does not have the odds to call. To put it in a nutshell: I think u have a negative freeroll checking the turn.

    Beside that: Poker is about information and neither dont u have any information about ur opponents nor do u have stats. So what exactly can the viewer learn? I doubt it makes sense showing ur game plan in a video 'in a vaccum' since u dont have any stats and dont even know the opponents. Could be a rush poker video as well. ^^ If it was about gaining information and creating history it would make sense playing without information, but obv. thats not possible in a hand review.

    Dont get me wrong: I liked the ideas of the lines and I know from the tables ur a good player and by ur videos ur a good coach (and I liked the other videos u released in the past), I just think it would have made more sense making using stats to have information about the opponents or some powerpoint stuff with fancy hands as examples.

    Best regards, cu on the tables,

  • Straate


    5 sterne sind immer drin :D
  • mochentes


    min. 7: what do you mean with equity shift? why wouldn't 88 bet the turn? don't you think that because we don't necessarily need 3 streets of value against the SS, so a cb with an option to bet the turn becomes profitable? I think that in this hand the cb on the flop is very good and the setting is perfect.

    @somnius: good vid imo, sometimes indeed a little bit too abstract, more concrete scenarios w/ infos would've been good. But thanks for the topic-related content!
  • Zeffke


    Nice video... Nice topic would be: How to play middle pairs TT on K74 etc...(flop, turn and river).
  • Somnius



    Thank you for the feedback.

    min7: sure, ya, that's the reason we generally bet, checking is good sometimes too against certain opponents in certain spots, this was one of them because a) the opponent's range is (doesn't include things like KQ, more low connectors, low pairs, some random low Ax's etc b) he'll give me less credit for turn and river bet as opposed to flop and turn. c) I'm not worried about getting his stack obviously.

    min21: yeah another fair point and why we generally bet. It was a 4bet pot so I expect him to think my range is very strong a large % of the time. Didn't know much about his 4bet call range either.

    This video was about a specific line/play, and so discusses the factors surrounding utilizing such a play a small % of the time to maintain variety in you game. The fact that I made the play implies my read involved the required assumptions to utilize the minority play. Stats can be useful on the table as general guidelines at most. If you guys would like stats shown during reviews I can include them.
  • Somnius



    min7: Potential to get the money in on a later street when the opponents equity is lower. ie. calling tp on the flop IP against a cr when opponent likely has a flush draw. Not that strong a reason alone to check back but can be a beneficial consideration.

    glad you liked it.
  • mbml


    I really liked this video. I think you should make more on how to play more unorthodox styles to achieve high win rates
  • IronPumper


    I actually like the vid.
    Definetly could take some intersting points and ideas away from your explantations.

    Here is some feedback:

    Min. 5 (ATo): You said here that if you cbet the flop you will have either to turn your hand into a bluff (depending of boardtexturedevelopment of course), or checkdown with no clue what to do on the river.
    That is imo a bad reasoning for CB Flop, b/c you will even have less informa<tion by checking back flop..
    The other two reasons are good.

    Min. 7 (A9o): I agree actually with Siete b/c on this boardtexture there are so many combos where you miss Value by checking back.
    Maybe sometimes vs. more aggro fishes it is ok.

    @ mochentes: Siete means probably that Villain`s Eq. will decrease logically on the turn on a blank with for example pair + str8draw.
    Although I do not think that such a likely fish is aware of this...

    Min. 10 (ATo):
    Maybe not the most interesting question for the others:
    But is this rly a standard call for all of you on the river?
    I mean, in such situatin my thought process is always, if he would have wanted to bluff, he would have don it on flop or turn when checked to him.
    So this 1/ looks at least for me more like a with any weak pair...

    Min. 29 (57s):
    I am not sure if I like the C/R on turn b/c I am worrying if we have enough FEQ:
    - he could sometimes take a Checkbehind with TP+ because he could exoect that you will C/F the flop a lot in this spot.
    - The Ten on the turn stregth also his CB-Range on flop (TT, JT, KJ, AJ, J9s...)

    Regards to the 2nd point you would have to bet many rivers.
    But without reads - I am not sure, if this is a good plan...

    General question:
    Is there any special reason for grinding smallStakes?

    As i said, valuable content.
    So plz make definetly some more vids.
    Maybe on this topic again.
    Or playing in 3betPots (as PFA and Non-PFA)

    Hope to hear from you soon and thx^^
  • IronPumper


    oh edit:
    My only advice for the next vid would be infact to show stats in the replayer.
    Here you could explain why you think line X is interseting and good vs. Villain Y with special tendencies.

    But anyways, I liked it tbh - looking forward for your next vids;)
  • Somnius



    min5 - his potential 2 street range widens as turn and river aggressor then flop and turn/river caller. Getting checkraised also isn't very nice, still bet sometimes of course.

    min10 - fish do random things, and when you look weak, they're not repping much, and you're getting an amazing price on the river you should be calling quite a bit. In saying that, keep up with how the're changing their play as fish do pay a lot of attention.

    min29- the "T" potentially hitting his check back range isn't all too important. Still very difficult for him to want to call my checkraise and then then the potential river bomb.
  • IronPumper


    Ok, thx for your answers^^
  • rifearmo85


    Muy buen video.
  • Joshquan


    would also like to see some on marginal made hands HU, in and out of position
  • AssadKamran91


    nice vid! would like to se some nl50-nl200 6max, where you get c/r by both regs and fish with both marginal and good hands (where you tell how to get max value), cause feel like when i get c/r and i have the nuts, both calling and 3b will not give me more action. maybe to result-oriented :P