SnG $6.5 FR Session Review

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Chenny8888 shows you the basics for single table tourneys and good hand ranges for the push or fold phase.


PokerStars Session Review

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  • Laccyby


  • Korko


  • Kasperkopf


    Allways nh, Sir!
  • kodjakas


    nice1 :) always a pleasure to watch and learn from your videos

  • 8979687


    Sweet! A Chenny video = the nuts!

    "unfortunately" I am never awake at 5:30 am so I miss his awsome coachings.
  • wosinddiehirsche


    bad run...
  • fedor153


    ну вот наконец-то и я первый!!=)
  • bujaek


    super video, i have enjoyed very much.
    more from u chenny
  • Straate


    pretty good
  • Kongotto


    22 is a push spot, not an openraise @ bubble
  • bogie


    good vid, nice advice at end about not being result orientated . hope your luck changes soon .
  • Brounxin


  • dienaszaglis


    Nice vid as always!
  • XtremeFly


    min 10: I dont like the calldown with the bad Two Pair. We have just a bluffcatcher and he isn´t bluffing here often. If he´s valuebetting he has us beat. If we do not fold the turn, we should fold the river.
  • krason


    lol@ "worst diamond in the dick" min 28 :D

    nevermind nice vid
  • Bear263


    very good video^^
    where i can get this table design? it´s great!
  • wool85


    Just like xtremefly i don't like the calldown with KQ either. When the flush arrives on the river I definitely fold because FDs are in his range when he donks the turn and it really looks like a value bet to me.

    18:50 AQo
    Honestly I never see me r/f there. And I bet most other SnG players will call this as well. So if this is a -EV spot (which I don't really believe) why then don't you do the EQ calculation for everybody? I mean it's a session review.

    36:40 55
    To me a pretty clear spot to push. Don't wanna see a flop necessarily.

    38:35 JJ
    Pushing is standard but think you can just raise against this opponent. He will imo call you looser then.

    Apart from the missing theory (e.g. calculations, specific hand ranges) I think it's a pretty good vid. Especially that you regularly pulled in tables where you had action.
  • wool85


    Forget about the 55, I thought you had like 12bb in that hand. My bad.
  • TheQuietAmerican


  • kkki4uka2


    Ако не сте виждали бад биити тва е видеото. В най-важните моменти нашето момче губи.
  • roshandc


    very nice vid
  • msampi


    Buen video.

    Espero los siguientes!
  • chenny8888


    It's really weird. If I called with KQ there and saw Ax (where x =< 9) I seriously wouldn't be surprised at this limit. Some would then ask me "was he bluffing or was he valuebetting" and I can only simply reply: "does he know himself?"

    People do silly things on this limit (in terms of bad bluffs and bad valuebets), so I'm very wary about using things like relative hand strength to justify folds. On the river I would say a backdoor flush is a very small part of his range so I'm OK with him showing up with that. Cliffnotes: I call to catch the valuebluff! ;)

    1850: I should've! Call 1085 for 2470. Need 43.93% EQ assuming chipEV = $EV (good assumption here IMO).

    A good shoving range for our opponent is roughly 88+, AJs+, AQo+. We have 38.2% EQ vs this.

    If he's super loose in this spot, or 66+, A9s+, AJo+, we have 45.05% EQ. Take A9s out and we already have a breakeven call.

    3835: It's close, if it's his first limp in then I prefer raising.. if I've pushed last few hands then I prefer pushing.
  • IgorTheTigor


    very nice vid
  • dicekeyrollz


    Was just wondering, at around 3:30 on the top right was a raise with 22's on the SB.

    What do you guys think about my point of view where I sacrifice a few chips in this scenario for a good tight table image later on? I like to make sure the players know how tight I plan on playing, that is of course until the blinds start getting bigger ^^

    Big fan of your aggressive poker, Chen. Keep up the good work.
  • dicekeyrollz


    Does anyone know how to make a video like this for themselves? Reckon it would be a great tool for self-evaluation after a session.
  • CBFunk



    Hi, our producers use the tool Camtasia.
    A free 30-day-trial should be available
  • fischief


    nh sir
  • thebigticket


    I like your accent :)
  • nathanrenard


    You guys can also use CamStudio, it's free and can even convert to .flv
  • PokerNoob91


    very nice vid
  • chenny8888


    @dicekeyrollz: I agree. We're playing pretty tight as it is though so it's ok to make this raise all the same
  • MojaDunja


    nice video. ty
  • thebatsman


    very good video enjoyed it