The Equity Theory - Part 2

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AK talks about the mathematical basics of equity calculations.


series The Equity Theory Theory Video

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  • Sacrifice51



    GOOOD STUFF, NAISE VIDEO AK!! Keep On The Solid Work!
  • FlocY


    Yeahaha good stuff!!
    Squeeze- und Slanskypushed wär super!
    weiter so!
  • elhh82


    Regarding the rake calculation:

    Wouldn't it be better for us to calculate the EV(W) using

    [P(F) * DeadMoney] - [P(C) * P(W) * (Potsize - OurStack - Rake)]

    **I put the rake inside the bracket of the amount we can win calculation**

    This is because we only pay rake when we win after seeing the flop. The old formula account for rake even when the hand is folded pre-flop (i'm assuming the no flop no drop policy is in place).
  • Exan13


    А на Рашин буит?
  • Munish1


    your spoken English is awful! Really annoying to listen to!
  • Cypress


    Very nice Vid.
    Squeezes and Sklansky Pushes for SSS would be a nice addition to this series.
  • P0kerbr4t


    Munish1 if you make a comment make a comment that is nice. Don't be a troal
  • kwasir11


    Nice vid, more vids like this
  • labinos2


    next vid plz:
    playing vs minraise as a steal
  • tramalstyle


    Переведите пжл. это видео и его первую часть на русский язык, или субтитры хотя бы сделайте, полезнее любой статьи по стратегии.
  • SoWe


    Raise #1

    If Villain knows our openraise-range and thinks we go all in with every hand we raise with, why should he raise with AK or JJ? these hands are substantial underdogs against our range.
  • SoWe


    Raise #4

    So you would really raise all in with TJs in that spot?
    That seems totally -EV to me, and calculated out, it is! 22 has just 38% equity against that range.

    In fact all hands in 22-44,JT,QT,QJ,K9-KJ,KQo have less than 40% against his range.

    Why would one go all in with them then?
  • Kick4Ass


    @AK, please take a look in the follow thread :

    Thx a lot