Confusing Regulars

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  • $200
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Somnius shows you how to switch your play vs regulars to confuse them.


Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Puscherbilbo


  • smartguy0815


    würde es mir gern anschauen. mehr als den startscreen mit dem pslogo bekomme ich aber nicht :-(
  • Env0y


  • Shining


  • deathbrain09


  • MKR


    Jetzt ratet mal, warum das Video "Confusion Regulars" heisst. Wir sind die Regulars! ;-)
  • smartguy0815


    da aber auch kein anderes video derzeit startet denk ich mal, dass es ein generelles problem ist und übe mich in geduld.
  • HeilLoki


    Offenbar bin ich ein Regular ---> confused!
  • AllPlex90


  • cappu82


    very nice vid got a really good catch on u somnius
    good explained content..the only negative thing i could say is,u speak sometimes a bit too fast but it´s ok anyways
    ..get well soon and i hope for more confusing-vids

  • cappu82


    jetz weiss ich auch warum ich immer darauf reinfalle *kopfkratz*
  • mnl1337


    nh more goldvideos pls
  • EvgenAleshkin


    Апстриковое видео.
  • PhAAnTi


    nicest vid ever... gratz!
  • keewee


    wtf last hand... if that guy was a regular he was drunk ! nice vid overall...
  • SvenBe


    boah i feel the slime comming trough my speakers
  • SvenBe


    und lol@letzte hand - exakt das standardplay auf nl25 zitiert- prima!
  • Curru


    generally its a nice vid but first could you please activate the "show stats" because so its really hard to image how this work.

    and sorry but the last hand. this is not cause of your line its more that this player what a complete idiot :)
  • Qwertz321


    AK, did u change villians names? :confusing:
    btw nice vid
  • TheKami


    nice vid
  • soyasprosse


    min 29:10 AQs: how would you have played the turn if a third club hit? on one side, we propose him to have a flush draw a lot of the time. on the other side, he must think our hand to be much weaker as it really is, for we only call the flopraise?! as well, we only have a little more than potsize left on the turn..
  • rootsanarchy


    unconventional wisdom style... i like

    vote for more somnius vids!
  • excelgeo


    in the lower limits people check when they hit their trips...
  • mbml


    is there an oldplayer link or has it been phased out? I have no idea why my FIrefox 3.6 cannot view it, I only see the pokerstrategy intro and then nothing happens.
  • kacman


    Не увидел регуляров здесь, имо это рыбы!
  • WildBeans


    hey somnius I thought you were trying to get maximum value? why didn't you reraise the river on the 78s hand? you left him with $1.. it could have been yours.
    thanks for the interesting video..
  • WildBeans


    oh I just looked at the $1 thing again, think it must be a holdem manager bug..

    would be great to know what you would do in the villain's position against these weird lines..

    Also, how do you balance? Specifically that donk bet on the turn in the AQ vs AT turn at around 30:00.. would you do that with air?
  • axelphoney


    Great video, but i guess you can't apply these deviated lines to the smaller stakes.

    Anyway, I would like to see a video of you crushing NL50 regs ;)
  • stylus20


    awesome vid, i'll definatly try to implement such plays in my game. vote for more :D
  • MKR


    Very nice vid! He speaks very fast, but still nice understandable even for a non-native. You also picked very nice example hands. Please go on!
  • vic2002


    в последней раздаче регуляр, такой регуляр))))
    Хотелось бы перевода Когтистого..
  • Mathiss


    excellent video, made me think about lots of spots, where I would have just played like the standard abc-reg
  • fun101rockets


    you guys r right. this would not work at many lower limits
  • fun101rockets


    +1 axelphony
  • Somnius


    glad you guys like the vid.

    #21 - probably c/f
  • Somnius



    can't really answer such a general question.

    with the AQ hand, I would never really have air here on the turn. Worst I could have is a flush draw, which I wouldn't play this way too often because villain will generally be pretty strong/drawy.
  • Diddy81


    Hey Somnius,

    thx for the nice video, which gave me a lot of new inspiration.

    2 questions:

    min 16 (AA): What would you do, if your opponent would shove the river and why would you call or fold?

    min 20 (87s): Which range do you give your opponent in this hand? What do you think could be his plan in this hand?

    In my opinion it is a very marginal call at the turn. I guess (regarding to his River play), that this typ of opponent will bluff with air nearly every river card, so you get in a lot of trouble spots, if you hit your 8 or 7 and even a J could be a worth card for you. What do you think?
  • MathhNes


    really good video. I liked it a lot. Would be cool if you made a video about NL50 to NL200 and maybe showed some differences about how the regulars think. Maybe also longer and more hands in the next one. I want more! ;)
  • koalinwi


    confusing regulars? or confusing fishes?
    any way, nice video
  • LorD231984


    78s call 3bet at BU? Is really so std at nl200?

    I thought this suited connectors have the value in the agressive play and maybe the multiway pots, when you hit you will more likely pay off...

    So i really dont understand at 3bet pots, where the high card value is important, what can we do IP with 78? You wanna outplay him or i really dont know... I rather prefer to 3bet with these cards (scs, 1-2gap connectors) than calling it...

    Anyway i like this video. Good job!
  • ku4kok


    с оесд там... 78 - помоему крайне минусовая фишечка...
  • mbml


    overbet river w AA: what kind of tendencies did u see in villian before you made the move (likes hero calling, deeper hand reader?)

    I think in general those 20-tabling regs on stars would fold to the overbet with a Queen without thinking twice.
  • mbml


    defending against 3bet from BU on T92r board: What will your move be on the flop be with:
    1) 88/77 (check back?)
    2) AQ/AJ
    3) 56s

    I find that at Stars NL100/200, most people are betting their air and not check/folding enough flops, and they like to check/shove (sometimes with draws, often with overpairs) which always make me quite uncomfortable betting the flop.
  • mbml


    QQ4 hand: if you are a frequent cbetter, then wouldn't cbetting this paired board make your hand look weaker? by checking you look more like 99-JJ, or slowplayed Q4/44/QQ
  • Somnius


    min16 - opponent dependant, some would never bluff and only shove a small value range, some (ones more attuned to facing overbets but still overexcited when dealing with them and light turn callers will definately have a bluff portion they're willing to use)

    min20 - a good portion of his 3-bet range, subtracting a most value hands that probably would bet there. cr hands AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ lower connectors that didn't connect weak Ax suiteds and hands like J7. Don't think he had much of a plan just threw out whatever seemed best each street.

    Didn't know at the time he was shoving most of his range on the river, but even so, that possibility does really boost our effective implied odds.
  • Somnius


    #10 - pretty standard, we have position getting a good price against an opponent we're comfortable playing against.
  • Somnius


    11 - thought he'd be paranoid at the time

    12 - checking back most of the time

    13 - didn't think he'd expect me to slowplay considering he's thinking what you're thinking.
  • KingJoe75


    great vid, more pls!
  • Rudbwoy


    78 как раз сыграно оч неплохо да и в целом видно что автор сильный игрок, так что Somnius, respect, пиши еще).
  • benn1


    but nice vid, more pls!
  • Tartarus


    very nice vid... ill try to use some of these line for my play...

    god job
  • geoelt


    i like :)

    i'd really also like to see u crushing nl50 and nl 100!
    thanks for this one anyway...
  • Jull1964


    c 78с 0.5 бб недобрали ))
  • Bronscapade


    Amazing vid! Do one one on NL50-NL100 please!!!
  • rifearmo85


    I dont like the AQs too much but nice video. The last hand, nice fish call lol
  • dws13


    nice vid!

    on which site did u record that video?
  • 098799


    Great. More please.
  • Fox128


    I am a reg and I am really confused.
    In the 78s vs J7o hand, why do we just call and not raise River? He has $1 left. So confusing.
  • randomdonk


    great stuff.
    loved the cbet, c/shove line :D

    hope u make more ssnl vids