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Watch JonathanLittle playing SnGs at PokerStars! The buy-ins range from $15 to $55 and our coach will show you how to finish in the money frequently.


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Comments (35)

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  • Konti23


    Have fun!
  • orgiii69


  • Fox999


  • amayaner


    is it just me or is the sound not synchronized anymore at the end?
  • mnl1337


    nice vid. i like very much. YOU BEST JON!
  • Schris7


    nice video . its really enjoyable to watch your videos. one suggestion i have is if u can make any shorthanded videos -.-
  • Chester20o


    i don't like push with Q5s in 15min with less 7BB and K6s in 30min with 6BB UTG 5-handed. I think its too loose for stt and definitly ev- by sng wizard. I think in that spots you are not forced to make that loose pushes.
    everithing else was fine :)
  • CBFunk



    at the end its not perfectly synchronized, your right. Sorry for that but it´s still ok to listen to
  • Chester20o


    i don't like push with Q5s in 15min with less 7BB and K6s in 30min with 6BB UTG 5-handed. I think its too loose for stt and definitly ev- by sng wizard. I think in that spots you are not forced to make that loose pushes.
    everithing else was fine :)
  • Qwertz321


    nice vid, jl! hope to see more from u soon :)
  • LX4DR


    jon u dont know psimalive or why u dont reg him? istnt he playin the highest HU-Limits?

    nice vid
  • LX4DR


    good to see some1else bustin against runnerrunnerflush ;)
  • hypertyper


    Great video. I find Jonathan one of the easiest people to listen to and he seems to know everything, twice.

    I have a question about calling in the BB: You fold A3 and QT against any 2 from the SB? According to Equilator A2 has 55% against random and QT has got 57%. Is it still advisable to fold? I'm confused...
  • LX4DR


    KJs Min36... wtf? can u xplainwhy to push at 10/20? u will get this much better spots on that limit!! or was this ur problem? low HU?

  • maxmds


    Not really lucky today on SNG ^^
  • Eye4AnEye82


    19:08 min!
  • silent21


    I would fold the J6 especially when the guy in the bb who called us with Q10 over our push with 74S.Everything else i like beside the fact that you were running bad.Not ad bad as i do with 170 buyins under EV.
  • DanDule


    Thank you Jonathan! Very nice video, very unlucky tho. :\ I hope u would make some more silver-gold videos, cause i really enjoy you're videos.
  • Reises


    23:35 I think A3 is an easy call here
  • PhiliChilli


    great video but it sucks that most of your videos are only available at the platin level
    and if you are playing sngoes its hard to get a platin member
  • Common13


    play such limits wuthout stats and progs its good job! Im not a profy in English but I like your game)
  • Gruzovik


    what's a call with AK on start of SNG (bb20)on 4th? Coinflip on early stage is not a good idea ...
  • Grinsefisch


    A3: Nash says fold A3o, call A4o (villain pushing 75%)
  • Orphox


    Товарищи, чтобы он прочитал ваши комменты, надо заходить через английское коммьюнити ;)
  • GtMars


    that's why i defenitly hate SNG > too much variance
  • JastasPista


    ty for all your videos always are interesting
  • emotv


    thanx for the video. I can not believe lot of fishes on heads up games in sit an go's in 55 dolars stuff.
  • PaulDias


    as always great videos
  • SecurityDrew


    JL can you comment on your call with AKo in minute 5 to the push from the blind with 33. Is it correct to call a push so early? Your ev for this call is marginal, and effectively you are increasing everyones ev by ensuring at least you or the pusher is eliminated. Moshman does not recommend these all in confrontations early in the SNG. Does a chip double up ensure you get to the money enough of the time?
  • Rawgirl


    I don´t like the AKo overcall in Min. 13:24. I don´t see the initial raiser fold enough here, because of the odds. I guess, to play AK three handed for all the chips is not that what we are looking for in the middle of a SNG.
  • Rawgirl


    20:13 Why are you calling that much? You can consider to push the pocket nines when you are first inn. The call is in my opinion -EV. I am pretty shure it is even off the nash range.
  • Rawgirl


    Puhh, I finished this video. Well, it took a long time. I had to pause it every two minutes, because there was a misplay I had to think of. First I thought, ok the coach was card dead and just want to show some spots, but then in the middle of the video you say that you think everything was played well so far. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t want to flame you, but I have never seen so many bad plays in a video, and I am watching a lot. Almost every push is too loose and obvious -EV. The overpushes and calls (i.e. 43:56 TT call on the bubble)show that you are not very familiar with ICM, what is unbelievable on this limits.
    37:05 KJs Push against 3Bet on 10/20 Limit? What do you think that villain has? The best thing what can happen if you get called is a flip. Even if you know you are going to flip, this play is so bad. Flipping HU 9max is ok, but in a HU Tournament it is a money burner because of the rake. And you flame the 22 call Min.19:31 which is (slightly) +EV?
  • bradomurder


    Agree with #2 and #3. I think you're pushing a little looser than is neccesary
  • JonathanLittle


    While you do not get itm every time you double, it is not for sure a coin flip. His range is skewed towards AK, AQ, AJ, and small pairs, so I am either 50% or 70%, so around 60% on average, give or take a little. So, getting even money as a 60% fav seems like a good call to me.
  • etdpoker


    I`m only seeing a green screen. Is that normal?