HU Strategy - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20
  • Heads-up
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Byron Jacobs, publisher of multiple poker books such as "How good is your Limit Hold'em", starts his new series where he brings you a basic HU strategy.


HU Strategy series Session Review

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  • Laccyby


  • Waaaghboss


    geht not
  • kkkaethe


    is not working
  • CBFunk


    Sorry, dont know why its not working. Will fix it tomorrow morning asap.
  • DerComander2000


    it works for me
  • dee36


    00:00 von ByronJacobs
  • Montecarlopolchii


    strange, without beeing logged in i can watch the first 4 minutes - looks interesting though
  • rom187


    have to play on tracked sites again
    - cant you put it in for all members, just because its his first vid ;)
  • soloru


    can't see this video
  • soloru


    видео не проигрывается
  • aciddrop


    shows just a black screen for me as well.
  • mika78


    logged in and it works not....
  • CBFunk


    Sorry, dont know why its not working. Will fix asap.
  • rudi0403


    same here
  • CBFunk


    it should work now
  • CBFunk


    should work now:)
  • mika78


    it works
  • gape0000


    Very nice video,

    im just curious when u said he has such a wide range when he 3bets alot preflop that u can use that information by showing aggression postflop, do you also raise your strong hands in position along with draws and weaker pairs so you are balanced when u reraise flop in position?

    Looking forward to future videos , gl
  • CoreySteel


    HU series? Nice!
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi Gape - glad you like the video. Yes, in general, his very wide pre-flop 3-bet range (combined with his relatively low WTSD value) makes it easy to balance strong plays post-flop. It's certainly possible to re-raise all kinds of hands on the flop and the flop call range can also be balanced because I can call with strong hands (to raise turn), A-high hands and also floats. There will be more on this topic in the next couple of videos.
  • OnkelHotte


    I hope Byron gets some more feedback about the video soon :-)
  • CrazyAxl


    69s is obv close and read dependend, he seems thinking and so you can be obv easily exploited in these spots, besides that pretty solid and very good explanations
  • CrazyAxl


    if you bluffraise these boards (k74 rainbow) like i would do a ton, a fold seems a lot too weak
  • Baku221


    very nice vod, I donk like the donk with the backdoorflush JTs, for me its an easy check raise
  • schiep


    Couldnt watch it all but what Ive seen is very good.
    Steady and relaxed voice, good and reasonable explanations, nicely prepared.

    Thumbs up!
  • redmeat


    Very nice video! looking forward to see the complete series.
  • Aemeth


    Отличное пособие "как использовать слабости оппонента на основе нотсов". Главное, быть уверенным что этим нотсам можно доверять. Автор молодец, умеет подать материал.
  • caedmon83


    very nice video
  • studdy55


    very good video.
    please more
  • abcde23


    nice vid, only one moment
    43:00 calling 40 for 160 means that u need to have 20% to be even, not 25%
  • abcde23


    nice vid, only one moment
    43:00 calling 40 for 160 means that u need to have 20% to be even, not 25%
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi guys,

    #14/15 – sure very read-dependent. I mention that this would absolutely NOT be my play against different opponents.

    #16 – same story. Bluff raise is fine with fold equity but my judgment is I don’t have it here.

    #20 – Thanks – you are quite right! But 20% or 25% does not affect the overall line of reasoning.
  • Borso95


    Nagyon jó vidi, csak kicsit hadar a csóka!
    Egy szinkron elmenne!
    Azért köszi!
  • Metatron


    nice video. Very good explanations, although sometimes a bit too long for my taste. I would like to see a few more hands instead. But all in all very good! Keep it coming.

    Just one minor thing: It's "deuce" not "two" ;)
  • Strateg1986


    nice but fold on turn with 96s is very very weak
  • Schnitzelfisch


    24:00 (the 88 hand): he probably just calls a made flush as well along with a low club, 6x and 7x. (probably a high flush since with a low flush, he might want to protect his hand vs you redrawing him later on if another club comes). All in all, a great video. I've really liked the article, interview, coaching and videos from Byron, I think that he's a great addition to the english community and that with his guidance, many Pokerstrategy members can improve the game. I loved the Terminator referrence as well!
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    sorry, I'm late, but maybe you'll look at this vid once more.

    First of all, it's a very good video in my opinion, your adaptions to your reads are great.

    29:00 when you'e talking about checking the flop behind if he would have checked. Well, he often hits the board with his calling range, but on the other hand you say that he is folding very much versus a Cbet Flop and he youl have hands like Q8, Q9, Jx, Tx, 9x without gutshots that he will fold perhaps (I don't know if he folds overcards of course, if not so, then check would be better probably), if he folds such a large amount of his handrange, he will probably fold overcards, too, so a Cbet would be the better play or don't you think so?