HU Strategy - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20
  • Heads-up
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Byron Jacobs, publisher of multiple poker books such as "How good is your Limit Hold'em", brings you part 2 of his HU strategy series.


HU Strategy series Session Review

Comments (19)

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  • Konti23


    Have fun!
  • Fesseg


    Переведи плз на русский ((
  • feinfuehl


  • redon


    да нужен перевод...
  • Grimzor


    I am not a FL HU player, but i really like style of this coaching video and i think its a top notch material. So even tho i dont play this game i watched both videos and think they are great.
  • drcollosso


    Very good video. Very detailed explanations about the lines played and alternative (maybe better) ones.

    I liked it a lot. Keep on the good work :)
  • Aemeth


    Очень качественно, подробно и разносторонне объясняет мужик.
  • TwiceT


    hey! i also watched both parts. actually nlhe and plo are my main games, but from time to time i also mix in flhu and i plan on playing higher stakes this year.

    just wanted to say, that i rly liked both videos so far. u adjusted very well + we saw some mistakes on your parts. rly helpful vid. looking forward to next parts.

    5 stars
  • redmeat


    Thank you for another great video!
    I really like your explanations about your thought process.
    keep'em coming.
  • Macrobeus


    С учетом практически полного отсутствия материалов по HU лимит покеру, этот мужик вообще однозначно must see. Да и вообще учит не только хедсапу, но и просто грамотному анализу и рассуждению.
  • abcde23


    #1 me too :) very nice vid, thanks!
  • Thexe


    Nice vid, clear and plain thoughts.
    Min 40: J10s hand: In spite of this flop I would play a continuation bet intuitionally here on the flop and turn (with the q as scare card and the gained gs) with this hand. Our hand has no showdown value. An A-high hand could be played as shown but shouldn't be the standard line.
    Look forward to see more vids like this one.
  • ByronJacobs


    #3 – Probably right, but it feels close. 3 barrelling gets raised somewhere so often and there isn’t so much fold equity on the tight board. Also semi-bluff plays don’t feel profitable as the pot gets so big he calls down with anything. I tend to take the low variance route in these ugly situations but I wouldn’t argue with the 3-barrel.
  • Thexe


    I think in many cases like this you would invest the same money when you make 1-2 continuation bets on the flop
  • Thexe


    can you please delete my comments 6-8. It seems I cannot insert the full feedback (character limitation?)!?
  • Thexe


    With a check on the flop OOP your pockets cards are face up and your opponent can play "perfectly" against your range you are representing after the 3Bet preflop.
    It would be indeed a uncomfortable situation after a turnraise (-> read 2+5) but I don't expect that very often in that situation from this specific opponent after showing this strenght pf, on the flop and turn. On the river you could still c/f UI on that board if you think your opponent cannot fold on a third river barrel only folding draws (polarized range). I think players like Kobeyard would play preflop as played but betting flop and turn instantly without being scared about the variance but more considering the metagame aspect. I'm interested in other opinions from other players too for the situation
  • chenny8888


    easy 5* IMO. nice vid
  • taavi1337


    Very nice, well analyzed. Cold and refreshing mindset talk :)
  • kant900


    JTs ~40min - Why not check/raise turn? As you said you have very little history for a lines like 3bet pf and then check flop, so he can't know what you are playing this way. Check/raise turn is definitely outside FBS, so it's possible he insta folds, if not you still have 10 outs or at worst gutshot. How do you like such line?