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  • Passive Blind Defense
    • Recorded coachings
    • NL BSS
    • $2 - $50
    • Shorthanded

    Passive Blind Defense

    This time, our no-limit coach BogdanPS reviewed users' hands including situations where they passively defended their blinds....

    91 min. by BogdanPS
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  • How to use PokerRanger
    • Guides

    How to use PokerRanger

    In this video our coach BogdanPS will explain you everything you need to know about the PokerRanger software and how to actually use it....

    34 min. by BogdanPS
    14195 36
    (11 Votes)
  • PokerRanger Coaching with BogdanPS and Eisflamme
    • NL BSS
    • NL BSS

    PokerRanger Coaching with BogdanPS and Eisflamme

    BogdanPS and Eisflamme sit down to discuss the software Poker Ranger and the benefits it can bring to your overall game ...

    94 min. by BogdanPS
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    (6 Votes)