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  • Ranges in Super Turbo SNGs
    • Sit and Go
    • SNG
    • Fullring

    Ranges in Super Turbo SNGs

    In this video pzhon shares essential knowledge about push/fold ranges in SNGs. He will show you how to adjust your ranges to your opponents in order...

    36 min. by pzhon
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  • Immediate Profit
    • NL BSS
    • NL BSS

    Immediate Profit

    Watch phzon talking about the concept of "immediate profit": don't give up if your hand doesn't have value: you can still bluff your opponent off...

    24 min. by pzhon
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    (39 Votes)
  • ICM - Independent Chip Model
    • Sit and Go
    • SNG

    ICM - Independent Chip Model

    pzhon shares with us his thoughts on ICM, the Independent Chip Model, and how in his opinion, it should be redesigned to make it a more accurate...

    24 min. by pzhon
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    (24 Votes)
  • Folding War Basics
    • Sit and Go
    • SNG

    Folding War Basics

    pzhon explains the Folding War Basics: What is a folding war? How to win a folding war? ...

    23 min. by pzhon
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    (43 Votes)
  • Calling All-in
    • Sit and Go
    • SNG

    Calling All-in

    You are playing a SnG. Someone in front of you pushes Allin. Do you call or fold? Douglas "pzhon" Zare explains his decision process and asks the...

    44 min. by pzhon
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    (46 Votes)
  • The Golden Rule
    • Sit and Go
    • SNG

    The Golden Rule

    In his first video for Douglas "pzhon" Zare talks about "The Golden Rule": You are in the small blind, everyone outside the blinds...

    27 min. by pzhon
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    (93 Votes)