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  • Build Your Grind Muscle
    • Psychology

    Build Your Grind Muscle

    Our mindset coach recorded another very helpful video for you all. It will help you to become more consistent grinder and feel good about playing a...

    28 min. by whys0serious
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  • Accelerate Your Poker Development
    • Psychology

    Accelerate Your Poker Development

    From this video you will learn how to study more effectively and improve faster....

    27 min. by whys0serious
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    (7 Votes)
  • How to Avoid Tilt
    • Psychology

    How to Avoid Tilt

    This video by our mindset coach will help you to completely get rid of tilt issues and to control your anger at and off the tables....

    30 min. by whys0serious
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  • Being a Poker Pro - How to Manage Your Time Efficiently
    • Psychology

    Being a Poker Pro - How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

    Our mindset coach makes his debut in English community, presenting you a video about time management. You can find out more about whys0serious in...

    32 min. by whys0serious
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