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      Hello, just wanted to say hello, I think I will be active here as I look forward to become average player of poker now. ( we all dream about that, haha )

      How did I started poker? well 1st I were playing poker on fun sites, I was good player over there so I wanted to try real money poker, I heard you can pass quiz and get 50$ capital. Yeah I didn't look at the articles too much, I know I did mistake by not reading strategy articles.

      The 1st two days when I started was ok, but then I didn't look at bankroll management and went to a bit higher levels, and ofcouse I lost a bit of my starting capital, I was trying and trying to make profit, but nothing happened, then I got bonus card on party poker where I play. You could get real cash of up to 25$ as I remember, party points, or tournamet 10$ buyins.
      Ofcourse I wanted real cash, but unfortunately I got tournaments' buyings for 10$.(well, I know it was best for me now)

      I didn't even knew how to play tournament, or what was tournament bankroll management so I went to tournament with 5$+1$ buyin, I don't know how but I won 1st place!!! That was something for me, well it was only 40 person, but it was something for me. I cashed out and have my money on the table right now.

      Well, that really inspired me, I started using charts, and reading strategy tutorials, now I look even more forward to playing poker.

      Unfortunately as I cashed out, I had only a bit of money left of my starting capital, and lost it.
      Well, now I play freerolls expecting to win something, well, I won few.

      1$ which I turned to allmost 10$ but I don't know how I lost it...

      0.5$ which I turned to 7$ and lost again

      and now I look forward to winning again, well, I read articles now how to play beter when I were playing I thought I would win by practising and playing and playing, I know it is not like that. Only now, when I have 0$ on my bankroll I am ready to play, as I know the strategy now. I hope it will help me in future. Thanks, if someone readed that... Sorry for bad English.

      fell free to comment!

      PS:Maybe someone know advices or "secrets" on how to build my bankroll now from 0$? Where good freerols for poker strategists goes on? I am on William hills poker now, as I heard they will have freerols for pokerstrategists from tommorow. But maybe something other? Well, I have none friends interested in poker to use tell a friend money.
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