Feedback thread Adjusting to Payout Structures in Multitable SnGs

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    • Bigniux
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      Hey, why is this article only for Platinum+? :)
    • JoaoWR
      Joined: 02.03.2008 Posts: 234
      Great work from FF!

      It's so good to finally see such comparison in relation with top-heaviness and bubble factors. You continue to make your country proud :)

      Its nice to see the payouts and bubble factors for different field sized tournaments but 10 lines in the same graph are just too many (under example 3 and 5). Five per graph at max would be better. Seeing the pairs (like stars45 and ftp45) separately from the others would be more informative IMO.

      All the best!

      Fun fact: at FTP a 45-man MTT has different payout structure than a 45-man MTSNG.