• vicstr
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      I'm new here!
      New on online poker(6 mnths)!

      First stated poke with 5 card draw (at 13 yr old)!
      then moved to NLHE and PLO
      I do better at cash tables and 1 table sit'n'go (still working to improve my strategy @ MTTs).
      I play live NLHE sit'n'go
      I am now waiting for the accept on my 50$ bankroll start and if i will get it i will sure see you on FTP :)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi vicstr & welcome to the community,

      You've certainly chosen the right place to help improve your mtt game and also fine-tune your cash table & sng's too. We have excellent educational material and hugely experienced coaches here and the members are also really friendly and eager to help each other.

      Wishing you every success and looking forward to hearing how you get on in due course.

      Best regards,

    • vicstr
      Joined: 18.10.2010 Posts: 8
      online i don't do good at micro stakes s'n'go (never had a bankroll to sustain swings @ 11 usd/buyin-low stakes)

      got my 50$@ fulltilt about 2 hours ago ... i'm up 13$ (so reached 63.smth) 0.02/0.05 rush nlhe
      this is NOT! a good example
      ->bought in for 5$ -> 10% of my bankroll :|
      (i can't multitable on an 11" display laptop->is that good enough escuse?)

      got less(or no1) new info @ bronze lvl - so i must prove myself "silver" :)