• drakudemine
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      I have been playing a lot of poker in the past few years, mostly live. Online I was faced with a lot of problems and am down a lot but am up a lot in live tournaments so it is all ok. Up to this point I have around $15k in real life winnings and the online stats are always available online. It was really hard for me to make the shift to online and always had problems playing online poker. Now I think that I did realize what I did wrong and am currently on my very own, personal challenge to make $10k through online poker as fast as possible.

      It was really hard for me to make this decision and now I am ready for this, finally. Wish me luck and although it does not seem like much (if you look at my stats - I love opponents that look at stats) I can help out a little because of the experience I have. Call me a donkey all you want but you never played me before so you may never now. My stats will change a lot from now on and hopefully I will manage my challenge. Good luck to all people and see you at the tables.
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    • HannesZ
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      Hello drakudemine,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      Good luck with your challenge!

      10k is quite a big goal, but with all our offer you can do that.

      Have you seen already our hand evaluation boards? There you can post your hands and our hand judges will tell you how to play the hands perfectly.