hiaaaa, here a french fish :p

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      Hi guys,
      Here Jokki, I'm a member since a bit more than 1 year, but not active in the english community and forums (but only on the french one). I'm 20 years old and I'm a student in 1st year in high school (in acoustic). I leave in france for the moment but I'm all time moving.

      About poker, my career started with pokerstrategy capital, just after learning the rules of the game, and few days after recieving the 50$ I spewed the whole capital in a certain 25NLH on partypoker :f_biggrin: .

      Just after that, I considered cashing in some $ to restart, but after a long thinking I realized that it was dangerous and could have a desastrous impacts on my real life if I lose again (since I was so damn bad in managing bankrolls).

      Fortunatly, I left the idea of cashing in and started reading/watching every article every book and every video at my disposal, discussing with other players, asking for help in different contexts...in the same time, I was playing all possible freerolls on partypoker, and I know freerolls and poker are 2 different things, but that helped me enormously to work my patience and to take control of basic stuff... and results were not long in coming, in a row I made enough $ (in freerolls) to have a small bankroll for 1 and 2$ sngs.

      I played those SnGs for a while, but I was attracted by larger fields tournaments, for their strategic aspect on a hand and for the seductive prices on an other hand, so I decided to migrate on pokerstars and I started playing micro stakes huge fields (1k+ players), and a new era began :)
      A few time later, I made my first big cash 3.6k$ in a 5$R tourney (being helped by a fr community coach on the final table). That was the event that made me realize what I can make in poker, so I started working seriously at my game, especially by reading MTTs books and watching strategy videos on different sites, including pokerstrategy.

      And despite the leak of time (because of studdies), my results were not bad at all for a beginning and I managed to be profitable at micro and small stakes at least, and had some shots in mid and high stakes MTTs that were promising aswell, but no special results there! :f_confused:

      After playing for a 5 months period (from Jan 10 to May 10), I took a break due to some real life stuff and enormous leak of time... Then, the new french law so I got automatically my accounts transfered to french rooms.

      The new restart was by the beginning of october, only on fulltilt.fr...poker was so different of what I use to play, I didn't understand what was happening around, being 3bet/called by 6's, playing Aces in a 5 way pot and similar strange situations confused me alot :s_confused:

      It took a long time before making the right adaptations, and starting playing confortably. I made like 15 or 20 finale tables over a 200 games sample, and like 4 or 5 1st finishies for 500e-1ke winnings and made a big cash of 9.300€ (=13.000$) in the event1 of french FTOPS... so yeah, this fr rooms might be a huge +ev ones :s_grin: :s_grin:

      On an other side, I feel that the fact that ftp.fr for exemple is full of pokerstrategists, killed the strategy forums, and everyone started closing in on itself, and thinking that discussing about his game is -ev, sooo I'm really disappointed :( :( :(

      I just discovered the english community, and hope to find friendly members and a good atmosphere to learn more things.


      edit: sorry for my language mistakes, I'm not a native of english!
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