PartyPoker username change

    • AceKiking
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      Is it possible to change my PartyPoker username? And when they allow me will i be tracked from PS?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi AceKiking,

      I've just responded to your other thread on the basis that it was your PokerStrategy user name that you wanted to change.

      If it's your Party poker name, you would need to contact PartyPoker's own support team for assistance.

      Please note that it is not possible to retrack any existing accounts. Only members who originally set up their poker room accounts using the PokerStrategy links & bonus codes will be tracked and receive PokerStrategy points etc. This is outside of PokerStrategy's control and is standard practice amongst all poker rooms.

      Any problems or further questions don't hesitate to shout ;)

      Best regards,

    • Zemnieks11
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      yeah you can at options in lobby you will be tracked since it dont change your login name but just the name at tables. You can change it once in 6 months as i remember.
    • doomsd
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      hi what if i have Inactive play money account for 2 years never deposit play freerolls or anything there can i get retrack then