i think for people who choose to play on this site should get the limits of the table they can play on changed.

it ether there on every table i play or it is everyone on this site but there fishing sods

following the stratigy guide.

im dealer and got AA

after sb and bb next guy folds next 2 call next raises to 50 next 2 fold

i raise to $2:20 sb folds rest call

5 guys into flop

flop comes Ac 2h 9d,

first 2 check 3rd raise $3 next guy calls i reraise all in for my last $6

1 folds rest call

4 guys into turn i allin,

turn card 6d

first guy raises 5 both called

river comes 5h

first guy raises 5 again next guy fold last all in for his last 7.

first called.

first guy has ks 7s has nothing

second guy has 3c 4h end up with a strait on river.

i mean it is a joke,

and this is not the first time summin like this has happened since playing on this site