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      To me it is more difficult to play at one table, compare to 6-9 tables. So minimum tables where I play simultaneously is 4. While playing 9 tables I don't get bored and I can play my A game (while playing on 4 tables I might on CO or BU limp with JT, Qt which might be profitable for a while, but not mostly.

      Generally very nice article and my tip would be:
      if you face re-raise or check/raise, before calling or re-raising think what hands opponent might have and if you certain that you are behind then fold (no need to call to find out that you were right:) )
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      * healthful food

      If you demand a lot of your body you also have to give a lot to him. A balanced diet is essential if you want your brain to work flat out. Your body and mind need (to name a few) carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, fibres, minerals to work properly. Furthermore you have to give enough water to your body because the brain, which consists of 75% water, has to be fed sufficiently.

      how did greg raymer ever win the wsop??
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      Originally posted by helemaalnicks
      how did greg raymer ever win the wsop??
      He's just a luckbox ;) .

      To Puschkin: another great article, thanks!
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      or chris moneymaker :P .. although he's losing weight these days i think
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      Concetration is my weakest link in poker sadly :( , because I can't play 1 or 2 tables, it's just so boring and I start to surf on net or smth else (one time I played BSS on 12 tables). So at the moment I'm trying to improve my conetration.
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      another nice post xylere, and i think this here is easy proof

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      Advanced content is important, no doubt, but the basics are soo important too :) . Without a good foundation everything will crumble ^^. I myself really need to up my concentration some notches because I tend to run a bit on automatic which isnt good :(