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Hey guys!

I already applied for this staking in the german forum, but as I wanna make sure that I play the events I want to have as many people seeing this as possible.

There's already a couple of interests but not everybody is in contact with me and thus I might sell the % to some of you if any interest occurs. ;)

Scheduled events are:

2300+200$ in Perth (March)
2200+200$ in Sydney (April)
2500+0$ on the Gold Coast (Mai)

The deal would be a 1.2:1 markup deal with 25% shares for myself. So I'll sell 75% of the total winnings.

As skill references:

:diamond: online some good results on a decent sample of ~1,5k tourneys with recent big cashes and a FT in the Sunday Million
:diamond: live I have only played about 15 tourneys so far ranging from 100-500€ BI mostly in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany) with an EPT blind structure and made a FT twice so far
:diamond: I myself am quite active in the german staking forum and both staker and longterm stakee
:diamond: I am a blogger and MTT private Coach for bluffcatcher.de
:diamond: I've transfered winnings to my bakers of about 30k$ so far hence should be no concern, that I won't ship you your profit if I should score big. As reference you could talk to styx528 (here in the community) who is my baker with the highest profit through me so far and claim that I am an "honorable guy". :s_grin:

german feedback thread
english feedback thread

Here are the results of last year just for a rough estimation of the prizes to win.

Keep on truckin'! :s_cool:

Status so far:

3 events total (Perth, Sydney and Gold Coast) = 7200$ [25% own shares]

1% = 72$
5% = 360$
10% = 720$
20% = 1440$


25% GrafM
3% Rosinhio [shipped]
6% Eastwood [shipped]
17% Mr. X [shipped]
15% styx528 [shipped]
4% Megaheiner [shipped]
30% MAE9690 [shipped]