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      Please move this to discussion section, my bad

      Hi guys, im new here and im searching for some serioud heko, so i hope, you can realy help me to change my game to the bright side.
      Littleabout myself.
      Im playing for some time, about 1-2 years and im not beginner now, atleast i think so.
      One day i made i made bet with my brother:
      Start capital: 50$
      Time: 3 months
      type: Cash games
      The winner is who will make bigger profit, for every 5$- 4 beer bottles.
      I started nicely and after few weeks of playing NL4 i had bankroll of 110$, i went up to NL and won 40$ in 2 days.
      My bankroll were 150$ and his 70$, but than something happened and i froped down to 90$, i went back to Nl and lost another 40$.
      Now im struggling for almost a month and i cant win anything.
      I dont know what happened to me, and now im screwed.
      So that was a small intruduction to my problem.
      My mistakes:
      • Wrong bankroll managment
      • Love for beer

      So, can anyone help me ?
      How i play:
      6 tabling 6max NL40
      Open raise chart:
      SB: Raise 2x bb with any 2 cards.
      BB: Almost always pot, except suited connectors
      Mid: A10 or A7s, K10s, QJ, Pocket pair > 22
      Mid: Axs, K9s, Q10s, any pocket pair
      Late: A7, Kxs, Q8s, J10x, Any pocket pair, suited connectors. 2.5x big bilnd
      Dealer: Any 2 cards. 3x bigblind
      3bet chart:
      AJs, AQos, AK, KQs, pocket pair > 88
      Pre flop all in:
      Pocket pair => JJ

      I hope, you understand my card selection chart, what should i do with it ?
      Cbetting: I bet 2/3 if its khigh board with no draws. But it depends on situation, i say i cbet almost 65% hands if im against 2 players or less.
      My questions:
      • What do you think about my open raise chart?
      • What should i do with limpers ? ( i almost always make pot size bet with hands QJs and higher)
      • here are very many guys, who likes to ship all in on 10c pot, or those who allways min bets.
      • What should i do with fishes, play almost every pot against them or wait premium hands?
      • With pocket pair preflop i call if its 1:2,5 to pot to call, is it right ?

      Big thanks guys, i hope i posted this thread in right forum section :)
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