alright, i have a problem

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      Here the story.

      I withdraw my money from partypoker. I deposited them to moneybookers. Now i've been trying to deposit them to FTP and get my 600$ bonus. The problem -
      Status: DECLINED

      My deposit status just keeps getting declined. Then i've read that i have to send any amount of money to moneybookers bank account so i can verify my own bank account with code.

      so here i did it. with my id

      [img] [/img]

      Now i got this mail:

      Greetings from Moneybookers! We would like to inform you that you have successfully deposited LTL 2 to your Moneybookers account. You can check the newly created transaction in My Account/History section after you log in your Moneybookers account.

      Thank you for using Moneybookers!"

      So they did got them and so on. I as well veryfied my bank account:

      You have successfully added a new bank account in your Moneybookers account:

      Bank name: SWEDBANK AB
      Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      If you did not authorise this change, please contact our security department at:

      Thank you for using Moneybookers!"

      And when i try to deposit they refer to my moneybookers account. Everything runs good and keep hitting this:
      [img] [/img]

      So... HELP! I don't know what to do anymore... and i wrote to both supports and they point to eatch other to look for more info.
      The main reason i have a debit card and i don't want to register it. Well after that i tried but it doesnt work. Its says that i enter my card number wrong. That makes that i don't know there that card number is i guess TT;;;;; anyway.... Help somehow am loosing my mind here..
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