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      Hey, so couple months ago I did a stake for 100k hands @ NL10 w/ Bigniux, it went ok but 100k was too many hands for me at NL10, like I got super demotivated bc I was just printing money and its not what my goal rly was. Then after what was becoming a much less +$ stake, I had big rl accident and couldn't play for while, so anyway we finished the stake prematurely, we both made some $$ but I guess not as much as either of us would like.

      Anyway, I am back now and super super motivated, loads of time on my hands but no real roll to do what I want to do. I have figured where my biggest leak was in the stake, and it was definitely the fact I chose 100k hands instead of say 25k, which meant my goals of rocketing through the limits wasn't possible and once I pwnd the limit I lost motivation.

      So my proposals:
      Normally I would just ask for 25NL cash game stake, but since this week is super crazy mtt week I would super be up for playing mFTOPS too, but since I don't have any sicko MTT results I guess its a little harder for me to get a stake, although I believe im big +EV in these fields anyway. (And I do know how to play late game)

      1) 25k hands @ 25NL split @ whatever me & backer agree. This stake will take me ~1-2weeks, which I think is much much more +EV longterm for us both bc I will have epic motivation.
      2) Some mFTOPS bap, no point listing all the events here etc bc I guess a stake/bap is unlikely, but if I get interest ill draw up a schedule. I am super happy playing up to ~16tbls but I guess my optimal is between 8-10. I would be able to play all events that backer wanted.

      Ill post some graphs anyway:

      CG graph for last 150k hands across some sites. Mostly NL10, like 40-50k is NL10rush, like 50k NL10 and rest is mix of nl2/5 std/rush.

      And some random MTT graph from when I used to play MTTs. (I used to suck back then too, I am down lifetime MTT tho bc I played some $109s and shit)

      Who knows maybe ill get a stake maybe I won't. I have a blog you can go through if you want. I just want a stake so that I can play some challenging /fun limits, trying to build roll at super micros is so boring for me and I don't find the motivation. I tried some NL25 before, felt I had reasonable edge, esp vs regs that try to get out of line. The nitty regs kinda fuck me over sometimes >.<. But yeah felt really good abt it and super enjoyed it which is why I am here I guess. Thx.

      EDIT: Forgot to mention I am up like £1400 to live donkaments :P . I guess thats like ~$2k?
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