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DO you play more when winning or losing?

    • clawindsouza
      Joined: 08.12.2009 Posts: 7,085
      Yesterday i realise that i play more when im losing...

      I know its not the right mindset but somehow whenever i win above 3-5BIs in a session, i stop playing coz im scared of losing it and i know that when I'm scared it doesn make sense to play..

      I take a few mins break and start over. This is alright and doesn't bother me too much.

      But when i'm losing i just go on and on playing till i lose my BR..haha no kidding but till i lose a significant amount though.. I'm always thinking " no im not on tilt, im just running a lil bad, i can make up for it in the next few hands".

      So was just wondering if you guys face this too. If yes how have you dealt with it?
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    • theosis
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 42
      Yip I've been there many times. In fact I've hit one of my biggest downswings ever playing NL100 HU. I've just run bad and have taken a big 14BI hit to the bankroll. It's quite a stinger. This happened over the course of a week, so I've decided to withdraw my roll from that particular site and change to another site. Change is good. Gives me time to regroup while they process my withdrawal. Also having a new interface to look at gives me sort of a reboot to forget about my horrid downswing. Just my way of handling things.
    • OZSA
      Joined: 18.05.2009 Posts: 804
      I have 2 rules, one is "10min break after 3BI, 10min analyze the hands afterwards" and if the hands were ok, I continue playing, if I made mistakes I stop playing for a good hour or even the day, because once you start doing mistakes you will continue doing them. The other rule is that I never continue to play if I loose 3BI again after the break, at least not for the day. this way my max downswing was 6BI, it happend just twice since I made this rule..before, I had 15BI downer in one day..that was sick
      things is you gotta stop and wait till you can see things clear again, without being angry, playing enraged to get back ur stack is not good.