Im sick

    • dubadal
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      first time literally sick of poker..

      started todays session by playing some 180 mtt sngs, busted 2-3 times due to villains catching runner-runner str8s. Fine, happens, mood in check..

      then started a 180 rebuy sng mtt. Went decently through first hour, tripled up without rebuys, made add-on, had above average stack.

      then I got my first str8 flush this year (!!!)9-K :heart: , so almost he pretty royal heart flush.And surprisingly doubled up with it to about t20.000 with bb t400.

      then, 20 minutes later, I get KK twice in 3 hands and loose both times to the same guy, seated immediately to my left and called my pushes with A6o and A7o, hitting his ace both times. I busted in 50th.

      how is it possible to have best hand and worst-ish beats in the same tourney, when you can already smell the bubble-money?? I realize that Ax will win every 4-5 times, but daaaaaamn!!

      had to get it off my chest :f_cry: gonna go get drunk and play xbox...
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