Leaks: Maximise Profits or Minimise Losses?

    • GraveGoods
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      I'm working on my leaks. I play 5NL, dropped down from 10NL (started at 2NL) at FTP.

      I'm trying to work on my leaks by analysing my big hands after a session, but what do you feel is the most important to work on first? The hands where you lose a lot of money or the hands where you win but think you could have won more?

      I'm concentrating more on my losses at the moment for the exact reason that with big hands I lose, I lose alot more than how much I win in big hands I take down. From that sentence alone, it sounds like they are both more important than the other! Argh ?(
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    • clawindsouza
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      yeah one is just as important as the other..

      but money saved = money won..so most ppl start off with minimizing losses and then focus on maximizing value...
    • conall88
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      minimising leaks is more important. maximising profits is difficult, and very player dependant. there are a lot of leaks that when plugged will help you vs any opponent. this means its very frequent etc, and so has a large affect on your winrate.

      focus on curing leaks, then look at maximising profitability.

      there is a relationship between the two anyway.

      leakbusting is both the easier and the most effective of the two.
    • tokyoaces
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      At the micros you don't want to worry about the thin value. So worry about leaks alone until you are crushing your current limits.
    • GraveGoods
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      I cbet on draw heavy boards with air and even though I know pot odds I'm still calling draws with terrible odds!

      Pretty big leaks :tongue:

      Just played 90 mins 4 tabling and only lost 3 pots that were more than 5bb. One was so very donk. BSB play versus tight opponents, should never have called the reraise!

      Over all, much better play. So I think i'll keep working on my leaks first, thanks for the advice guys. :s_thumbsup:
    • alejandrosh
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      maximize profits = minimize loses