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    • sokoi
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 125
      Poker blog #1

      Okay, so here's another attempt at a blog. I'm going to take the advice of many on the forums to write a blog. Maybe even use the hand advice and forums as such to help with my game. I've started with the $50 like everyone else and even won a couple small time tournaments enough to cash out a good portion to pay off some extra credit from x-mas yada yada. Since then I've taken my luck to the cash tables and this like many is where I've had a lot of swings. According to my points They have decreased. I hit that Gold Status mark for a while there and was really pleased with myself, but I've now gone waaaay down to silver simply for the fact is I've taken my BR to Full Tilt and not PP where my initial $50 was for. I've found on PP there wasn't enough games to choose from for a SSS. I've decided to play SSS and grind the micros to see if I can turn this itty bitty BR into something.
      I went and bought, or actually loaded some money in order to get HEM for free. Everyone who recommended the program said it was the best to track and analyze my leaks. It has been, being able to use some of the free trials like Leaks, Table Ninja (one of my favourites actually, not sure what online poker would be without it!) Table Scanner (one in which I think I could benefit from just have to learn how to use it to MY benefits). Anyhow, HEM has been a great program and so much to still learn and assist my game.
      So, another "milestone" was reaching my FTP to get the program for free and just a little over 15 days as the trial program just ran out I accomplished that. I'm not sure who it was on the video forums, but someone mentioned playing poker is like playing super mario bros. Basically instead of playing poker in order to win cash and increasing my BR, think of it as stages, or levels like Super Mario Bros. I started my grinding at NL2 .01/.02 and playing as though I was playing Mario Bros. Each level, strategically playing in order to clear that level and move to the next. This is where all the fun begins! Obviously had some rough points in the NL2 and NL5 I'll try and post my graph or other screens that anyone may think will help. I would play 6 screens at a time, it's the most I think I can handle and even then at times I'll drop to 4. So SSS has gotten me to NL10, on Full Tilt and have been confortable playing there. I strayed away from SSS using the same mentality but instead of the hit-n-run style I stayed and switched I guess if you'd call it to MSS or even BSS. I'd stay on that table if i was running good and increased my stack from the min $2 to the likes of $15+ I was having a lot of good runs like this. I soon saw my starting BR deposit of $37 (odd number I know) rise to $101!! This is huge for me and very proud. Before hitting the big "c-note" I was hovering in the negatives -$13 and it was depressing. But like any poker session you have your good nights and bad nights. This was the first of good nights I saw my stack go from -$13 to a plus of $11.12 after 7500 hands. Hand 8648 I moved up to $22.11 and have been on in my standards a really good run seeing my stack rise to $101 ($33 of that cash another $20 was a SNG which doesn't count, but seeing that $100 marker in my FT account sure was nice!)
      Well like all poker sessions you also have some bad, and that's where I'm at now. I've seen it drop from $100 back down to a depressing $47. I'm staying positive and know this is a swing and will be back grinding away and back up again, but I thought I'd vent and get my frustrations out first and hopefully in my next blogs to come post some numbers stats etc and hopefully get some advice on what and how to maintain a positive EV and BR. I know some of the biggest reason is I jumped a level with all hte positive game play I was showing some positive moments at NL25 where I found the game was of .10/.25 was a bit more respected. A raise was a raise with intention and everyone actually made folds where they should. including myself, but the swings do happen and maybe it was karma telling me that because i jumped to NL25 without the proper BRM $150 That I should have stayed down at NL10 but FT doesn't have NL20. Anyhow lesson learned and I will grind it to NL25 the BRM way!!! I promise!
      I do appreciate anyone who's taken the time to read. I know this may have been a boring read. Like i said i'm new to this blogging and just needed someone where to vent really. But if your interested in assisting me grow my numbers as much as I am that would be great!! LOL I enjoy grinding the micros as trivial as it at times but I would like everyone else the point is to move up levels.
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    • Saruniks
      Joined: 30.08.2010 Posts: 1,213
      welcome, it was so much to read but I did it :f_biggrin:

      like Isildur1 said, "don't rush", use BM, well, I rushed too and downswing occured once I went to higher level :f_biggrin: now I use it properly, I know that it won't take to reach next level if I play ok :f_biggrin:

      EDIT: now I want to play super mario bros :f_cry: