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Chenny8888's 12345th Post!

    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      Hi everyone!

      To celebrate my 12345th! post on this forum I'm going to tell everyone my story, which will include: how I got to where I am, and how best to use the resources of this site. WALL OF TEXT INCOMING!

      About Me

      I'm a 22 year old university student from Auckland, New Zealand. I was born in Mainland China (Fujian represent!) but moved here when I was 5.

      Poker: The Beginning

      I started out playing homegames with my friends for small buyins. This was about 4 years ago when I had just turned 18. I then saw a friend of mine at university winning all the moneys (like a 200$ pot in Omaha) on PokerRoom which was on the Ongame network. Thinking "man what an easy game" I deposited something like 20$ on Ongame. I think I started out playing SNGs with absolutely no idea what correct/TAG play was and managed to box a few. With no idea of bankroll management (and probably a losing player regardless) I ended up busting my roll. I redeposited once or twice before discovering PokerStrategy.


      When I started on PokerStrategy I didn't really take our content to heart. I read a bunch of the strategy articles (after all, you need to in order to pass the quiz, right?) and straight away jumped into SNGs again. Still not following BRM, I managed to run very hot and managed to build up a roll of 150$ or so from the initial 50$ from playing 5$ SNGs and freerolls. Eventually I got in touch with helemaalnicks, a Dutch SNG player, who had studied PokerStrategy's content more thoroughly than I had (and, more importantly, was applying it). It was also around this time that I found the hand evaluation forums ( We did sweat-sessions on Skype + TeamViewer and grinded 9-man regular speed low stakes SNGs with roughly a 50 BI BRM from about March of 2007 on our respective sites (him on William Hill poker, me on TitanPoker). I also watched a bunch of videos from coaches like Unam and TheNose (<3 accents).

      After getting frustrated with TitanPoker support one day (I won't elaborate on this, it really isn't that cool a story, bro), I moved my entire roll to PokerStars and started grinding $5.5-11 regular speed tournaments. Players/regs were way too solid though and I lost some money. It was at this point that I discovered turbo SNGs and I started playing the $6.5 stake with a roughly 60 BI BRM. helemaalnicks also moved to Pokerstars at around this time and was also playing this stake, which was pretty awesome because we could discuss on Skype how all the regs sucked ^_^ (it's true, they did). I went on a heater and helemaalnicks grinded like a mofo, and we were both at the 16$ SNGs in no time, now following proper BRM and using 100 BIs as a guide. All through this time, we were marking difficult hands and asking each other about them, or posting them on the forums. I was very active on the forums at this time; if I recall I was the most active poster in 2007 outside of the German community. Through the professional hand judge correcting a lot of my "judgments" of other players' posted hands, I was able to hone my game.


      In February (FWIW I'm just pulling dates out of thin air, I don't know for sure) I was overrolled for the $16 SNGs and consequently moved up to the $27s. helemaalnicks moved up at roughly the same time. We both stopped running like the sun, and went on downswings. Mine was pretty brutal, a whopping 50 buy-ins ;) . I promptly went on tilt and cashed out a bunch of money (this is now a pattern of mine: when I tilt I just cash out a bunch of money from online, the increase to my bank account calms me) and decided I'd take a break and then learn cash games. I decided these had lower variance, because you were playing deeper stacks (it made sense at the time). I had to choose between learning FR or SH. I chose SH because FR seemed quite boring and nitty. So I started off playing NL25SH and NL50SH on Pokerstars, asking helemaalnicks about hands (he'd also changed to cash games) and posting them on the forums. This wasn't the best as no one was really particularly great back then, but it was enough to beat the games. At this point I cashed out from Pokerstars and deposited on a bunch of European sites just to clear bonuses while playing NL100SH. I pretty much looked on Pokerstrategy's list of sites and found ones where I hadn't previously deposited money on.

      It was in 2008 as well that Pokerstrategy started a Chinese community. My Chinese at this time was quite poor, especially my written Chinese, but I volunteered to help make some content for the community. I made a couple of SNG videos for beginners following much the same format I'd seen from Unam and TheNose. I also took over as the professional hand judge for the Chinese SNG handforums. Towards the end of the year I offered to make a couple of English videos as well and was eventually taken on as coach, videoproducer and handjudge for both communities. I still hold some of these positions today.


      At the start of 2009 I heard about a tournament (BI roughly $700US) at the casino. With very little live poker experience, very little MTT experience and even less success, I played some satellites to this tournament. On my second satellite, I won a seat after absolutely crushing my opponents in the winner takes all structure (going into 3-handed I was the shortstack with 10bb. From there I tripled up without showdown and pretty much minraising or limp/stabbing every situation). In the tournament, however, I got "coolered" in the first level getting 200bb in postflop with KK on 9 :diamond: 9 :heart: T :diamond: J :heart: 6 :spade: while trying to get thin value ;) . Tilted, I didn't play another live tournament for a while afterwards, although I did play some cash games at the casino, seemingly unable to beat people who limp/called a ton (after all, you don't face enough of those people online).

      Online I continued bonus-whoring throughout the start of 2009 until around April. I was still at university at this time so I didn't spend a great deal of time playing poker. I moved up to NL200 at this time and was playing on one of the softest sites online at the time (the Ongame network). I ran pretty cold but still had a bunch of winning months, eventually building roughly a 12k roll. I decided to move up to NL400 with a 30 buyin bankroll management, but had difficulties coping with the amount of money on the line (ZOMG YOU GET IN A 800$ POT EVERY 10 MINUTES!) but eventually got over it. I didn't run so good however, and dropped 1k pretty promptly which started one of the biggest downswings of my career. I moved down to NL200 with an 11k roll and lost something like 4k in October (same time as University exams = super tilt!), and 5k in November (I moved down to NL100 when my roll reached 6k total). I made another tilt cashout and decided to rebuild in December on a new site (Ongame clearly rigged). I moved to Ongame and won something like 2k in December on NL100, with a total roll of roughly 4k.


      In January I started rebuilding on NL100SH (dollars, euros AND pounds) on Ladbrokes. At the same time I decided to take a year break from University to concentrate on poker (I was getting poor grades from University and generally getting bored of it). Simultaneously, I also decided to move out from home. So January was a pretty hectic month. I managed to rebuild my roll to 6k however and was back on to NL200SH. Over the next 4 months or so I ran really bad (I believe I was 10k below EV on NL200SH on Ladbrokes alone) but still managed to cash out enough each month for living expenses (Pokerstrategy work helped). My roll didn't increase much past 6k however which was reasonably annoying. After a bunch of the rougher sessions I would try my hand at some other variants of poker (a habit that I'd developed and still have to this day) and would watch a bunch of videos regarding them.

      As for live poker, for the first couple months of 2010 I had been trying to negotiate a staking deal for live tournaments with a poker staker based in Auckland. We weren't able to agree on any deals for tournaments, however we did agree on a staking deal for cash games at our local casino. I lost a bunch of money over this time because everyone is solid at live poker (and possibly because I played too loose given the high rake and the shallow stacks). In June the same staker offered to buy 40% of my action in an upcoming ~700US buy-in tournament (the NZ Poker Open) at no markup (ie he buys 40% action for 40% of the cost). I obviously said no (it's a scame!), at which point he offered to stake me for the upcoming WSOP as well if I did well. I tentatively agreed and decided to play this tournament.

      The week leading up to the tournament I played 2? satellites to the tournament and managed to bink the second one again, AGAIN pwning the bubble (this time it was top 2 paid) and cruising into a ticket. This bubble was actually kind of interesting: as a SNG player of course I know of the benefits of collusion and was careful not to do anything especially overt. In this satellite it was a top 2 paid structure with 3rd paying nothing. there were 3 stacks: myself, a mediocre nit, and a bad nit. The bad nit would routinely fold with 3bb stacks in the BB as the shortstack facing one shove, which is obviously always bad. Our stacks were both roughly 12bb at the time. Consequently it was in my best interest to bust the shortstack and at the same time ensure the other bigstack had roughly the same amount of chips as I did (I didn't want him to get desperate and call too wide). So every 2 hands when I'd push my button into the bigstack, he'd look at his hand and say "this is just a formality, I wouldn't even call AA here" at which point I agreed and explained why calling ranges should be so and so in this spot, etc. (some of it was bullshit but I'm a good talker ;) ). I then folded KK face up to one of his blind vs blind shoves just to reinforce the idea. As a result, despite the shortstack doubling up countless times in blind all-ins, we managed to effortlessly secure 1st and 2nd place.

      The tournament itself was... interesting. The field was extremely soft yet I managed to run reasonably bad in the early stages (6 hours without ever once betting for value postflop), finding myself with ~starting stack when antes had kicked in. I really amped up the aggression at this point and routinely abused the fact that people were playing on scared money. I had a lucky double up with about 3 hours to go in the day (QQ > AK on AKQxx in a 3bet pot, although the flop went check/check and the money went in on the river) and used my new big stack to really exploit. In the last 3 hours of the day I think I doubled my already big stack almost without showdown. In day 2 this more or less continued, with me playing really aggressively and picking up a ton of pots without showdown (obviously running situationally good as well though). I eventually went into the final table with the chip lead, didn't slow down, and ended up shipping the tournament for ~24?k USD or so.

      ship it!

      VEGAS, BABY!

      My staker and I then looked at schedules for WSOP and started planning it out (my staker was on a massive heater as he had a big piece of Simon Watt when he won the bracelet against durrr in the same weekend as my win). We left for Vegas after a week or so, my first overseas trip without my parents, joining Simon Watt and his roommate Joseph Allis. I played 9 or so events in Vegas (mainly just 1k and 1500$ NLHE crapshoots) with little success. In one of the $1500 tournaments I ran like the sun in day 1 and ended with the chip lead, however ended up donking a bunch of it away in day 2 absolutely outlevelling myself against (young) tournament nits and busting out with a small cash. I then played the WSOP ME, running very very cold and eventually busting out in day 1. I stayed around in Vegas, however, playing cash games until Simon busted out in day 6 or so (in the money, must be nice). Overall Vegas was a pretty awful trip. On the plus side, I was able to meet up with some online friends like gobboboy and Elky and play some computer games with them as well as dine at some very nice restaurants. I was also able to meet up with a ton of Pokerstrategists, including elhh82, Yoghii (part of the old guard along with me and helemaalnicks) and RobbieV and the rest of team Pokerstrategy. Just hanging out with such great poker minds did wonders on my overall game as well, and I feel my MTT game improved a ton over this time, despite the fact that I'd only played a total of 9 additional MTTs. I feel my cash game skills also improved. Over the one month period, however, I grinded way too much live poker and didn't really go out and party at all which is clearly a huge leak when one is in Vegas ;) !.

      Live Tournament Pro:

      I booked a flight straight from Vegas to ANZPT Queenstown in New Zealand. Simon Watt also went as well as a couple other poker playing friends from Auckland. We did some fun things in Queenstown like bungy jumping, mini-golf, skiing, jetboating etc. which was cool. In Queenstown I decided not to grind as hard and ended up only playing the Main Event (I busted out day 3 out of the money) as well as just one side event (a turbo tournament which I played while drunk and ended up winning ^_^). After Queenstown I went back home for a short period of time before again flying out of the country, this time across the Tasman to Australia for ANZPT Gold Coast, again with Simon Watt. I'd found a new staker by then who was staking me for cash games as well, so I started looking harder for higher stakes live games. In Gold Coast Simon and I ended up both busting out of the tournament on Day 1 (more time to enjoy Gold Coast woohoo), and went to Dream World, the best theme park in Australia. Poker trips were definitely a lot more fun after the grindfest of Vegas :P .

      The view from our apartment at the Gold Coast. Bad day obviously so we stayed inside and grinded

      Another angle

      The luckbox himself, Simon Watt!

      After Gold Coast I believe I went to Melbourne for Vic Champs, then back home for APPT Auckland, then Melbourne for ANZPT Melbourne, then travelled to Singapore, Malaysia and China for a vacation, and then Macau for the Red Dragon tournament and for APT Macau, then Cebu in the Philipines for APPT Cebu (quite possibly the most beautiful setting for a poker tournament ever). APPT Sydney followed APPT Cebu, and then the Aussie Millions in Melbourne followed that at the start of this year (a pretty busy schedule overall!). Over this time I didn't do amazingly in any of the bigger tournaments, however managed to make enough decent cashes overall from side events and cash games. After APPT Sydney I hired a coach for the first time ever to fix any PLO leaks I had in preparation for my trips to Australia. I ended up playing 25/50/100$ PLO at Aussie Millions which is truly a degenerate game :P . I also played some NLHE live up to 25/50$.

      A stack from one of my lengthier sessions of live poker at 5/10/20$ NLHE

      Online more or less took a back seat after June of 2010. I stopped playing on any reputable sites and instead played some high stakes (staked) NLHE on some very soft underground Asian sites. I won some money but stopped in January? of this year on suspicion of that a superuser had won 8k USD off me (uncool!) Being on the road didn't really afford me much of a chance to really grind poker, although part of it was also being lazy. I did play a small amount of FR rush poker on FTP (possibly 50k hands total) posting a very decent winrate. This was again helped by discussing overall game strategy with Simon Watt, especially given that neither of us had played any FR online previously.


      This year I've more or less stayed in Auckland except for the one trip to Melbourne for the Aussie Millions. I returned to University for my last semester (clearly pot- or degree-committed). Not having much time for poker myself, I decided to dabble into the staking game. I staked a couple people, some with decent results, some/ONE PERSON with truly disastrous results, and more or less busted my online roll (I also played some fairly swingy games out of boredom and definitely out of BRM). I don't mind so much though, and plan on slowly rebuilding the roll through occasionally grinding at NL200FR rush on FTP (possibly one of the softest games at the moment). At the moment it's University holidays, and I plan on putting in roughly 1k hands a day, for a total of roughly 40k hands per month. Rush really suits my schedule as it's easy to start and finish sessions, so I can be really flexible with when I choose to grind.

      I've played a small amount of live poker in Auckland, playing against a very rich Asian gambler whose HUD stats would be roughly 95/70 when he's drunk, and 50/30 when he's sober.. in FR! Needless to say the game played pretty swingy with him in it. I ran OK and ended up doing reasonably well in the game. The Asian gambler has since been banned from the casino, however, and as a result I haven't really been back in to play.

      My Advice to Those Not on PS:

      Sign up! Preferably through my affiliate link :s_biggrin:

      My Advice to Those On PS:

      1. Make use of our educational material
      2. Follow BRM!
      3. Participate in our community
      4. Discuss hands and strategies with players of similar skill levels
      5. ????????
      6. Profit!


      GTFO, read my story! It's really cool and I spent ages typing it up, bros :P .
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