How can you get a WSOP Ticket with Betfair Poker?

2 ways to go to the WSOP:

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly $70,000 Points Race running over 8 weeks from April 1st to May 27th is targeted at high value VIP players. Each player’s 4 best weekly scores will determine their overall finishing position in the Master Leaderboard. Weekly races run from Friday to Thursday with the weekly leaderboards calculated according to the players who accrue the most Player Points in each weekly period. The top three players overall will win a Main Event $10K buy-in, whilst 4th to 150th place will share $40,000 in cash.

  • 2. Their 2nd promotion is the 6-Shooter promotion. This is targeted at low to mid value players. The objective of the promo is for players to win as many tickets to the 6-shooter week as possible during April and May, by moving up the ladders of The Players’ Club. Each time the player advances
    a level at the Players’ Club, they get a ticket /tickets, to participate in one of the 6-Shooter tournaments. These six tournaments will take place over six consecutive days from 1st to 6th June with each tournament awarding 2 x $5,700 WSOP Side Event Packages for the top two places. This means 12 packages in total over the six days. To top it up they are also giving players who opt in and earn 50 player points during April, a ticket to the Sharp Shooter Final on 7th May, where there will be 1 X WSOP Side Event package worth $5,700.

    Finally, they would like to close with a note about the $2,500 Welcome Freeroll which they have slightly altered during the months of April and May to be in line with our WSOP Promotions. From 1st April to 31st May, instead of running their daily $2,500 Welcome Freeroll, they will have a fortnightly Welcome Freeroll with a prize pool of $5,700 made up of £3,600 Side Event Package + $1,400 worth of WSOP Satellite tickets. More details here.

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Exclusively for

  • So, on top of the central race, all players will be eligible to receive an additional $150 prize if they make it to the first 150 in the master leaderboard irrelevant of their ranking.

  • And.. on top of this, all players who make it to the first 150 in the master leaderboard, will get entered into a freeroll where we are giving away 2 side-event packages to WSOP. Freeroll and package details are all below.

The bounty payment and freeroll entry will only be available for affiliated players in positions 4 – 150 since positions 1-3 will win a $10K Buy in to WSOP through the room wide promotion. The $10k prize for the top 3 players is actually the buy-in to the WSOP Main Event and not a package.

Remember that you need to opt-in in order to participate in the race. Opt-in link is this one: Betfair Opt-In

Name: WSOP Affiliate Freeroll
Date: 12/06/2011
Time: 20:00 GMT
Prizes: Top 2 players win a package as per below.

2x $3600 Side Event Packages:
Side Event 54 (2nd July)
Package Breakdown:
Buy-in $1,000
Hotel $1,260 (7 nights)
Activity $240
Travel & spending $1,100
Total $3,600 each