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PokerStars Sit & Go Changes: Effective May 6th, 2011

    • Xantos
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      Announcement from Steve from - write a post in here to show Steve how much we would appreciate PokerStars pushing info directly in this forum on a regular basis! :)


      PokerStars is pleased to announce comprehensive changes to Sit & Go Tournament offerings. The lobby display, blind structures, variety offered, and buy-in/rake have changed for many Sit & Go Tournaments. New Hyper-Turbo cash Sit & Go’s are also being tested at the $5 buy-in level.

      Many of these changes are a direct result of player feedback over the past months. Thanks to all players who offered their thoughts and suggestions.

      Lobby Display

      There are two new columns in the Sit & Go lobby: “Speed” and “Type”.

      The Speed column tells you if the tournament has a faster blind structure, either Turbo or Hyper-Turbo.

      The Type column identifies Fifty50, Knockout, Heads-up, Satellite and other special tournament types. The Type column also includes icons identifying tournaments with fewer than 7 seats per table.

      The changes to the Lobby Display will be available with the May update to the PokerStars client. Mac users will be able to download the updated client today. The Windows version will be available sometime next week.

      Improved Variety

      A wider variety of buy-ins is now available for many popular tournament types. A few new combinations of tournament type and game speed are also available. Tournaments that were rarely or never played in the past have been removed from the lobby to help players find opponents more easily.


      In direct response to player requests, PokerStars is introducing $5 Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go Tournaments for a trial period. The new Hyper-Turbos feature 500 chip starting stacks and 2-minute levels. These extremely short tournaments are a good match for players who have limited time or like a lot of all-in action. For now, these tournaments are available in 6 -handed, 9-handed, and Heads-up formats for both No-Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.


      All non-satellite Sit & Go’s now have standardized buy-ins. Players can choose from $1, $3, $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $100, $200, $300, $500, $1000, $2000, and $5000 buy-in tournaments. Not every Sit & Go type is available at every buy-in, but the buy-ins offered match player demand for each tournament type.

      Rake Consistency

      Rake for Sit & Go tournaments has been re-evaluated and set to be more consistent. Variations between the rake charged at various tournament/game types have been eliminated. types in different game types. Now, single table non-satellite Sit & Go’s reliably charge less rake for tournaments with fewer entrants and tournaments with faster blinds structures. Some rakes have increased and others decreased, but taken as a whole the rake for Sit & Go Tournaments is very slightly decreased.

      The above graphs are specific to No-Limit Hold’em because the line representing ‘Old’ rake would be different for some game types. The ‘New’ line, however, is consistent across all games.

      Improved and Standardized Blind Structures

      Blind structures for No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha have been improved and standardized. A few NLHE and PLO tournaments that were deployed with unique blind structures in the past have now been brought into line.

      All NLHE and PLO S&G structures now have shorter blind levels and smaller blind increases per level. All Turbo speed single-table tournaments have 3-minute levels while all regular speed tournaments now have 6-minute levels. Despite the shorter levels, the tournaments will last a similar amount of time overall, as the blinds will increase by a smaller amount than previously (The new blind structure has no levels where the blinds double). The table below shows an example of the change, with the old and new levels side-by-side.

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    • xJCzZ
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      Steve we would really appreciate direct responses here cheers
    • pavels4444
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      rake has gone up, why? need to make up for the missing americans?
    • Marioo1989
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      I would really appreciate this.
    • brontonase
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      Originally posted by xJCzZ
      Steve we would really appreciate direct responses here cheers

      Hi Steve,
      what about the major tourneys
      are you going to change their starttimes like you did in the scoopevents?
    • JustgAMblin
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      Originally posted by xJCzZ
      Steve we would really appreciate direct responses here cheers

      thx in advance Steve. :)
    • SportFrei
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      Originally posted by Marioo1989
      I would really appreciate this.
    • rvn4you
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      must have
    • Bartmannn
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      Originally posted by SportFrei
      Originally posted by Marioo1989
      I would really appreciate this.

      Yes, please!
    • Microgamer
      Joined: 13.07.2008 Posts: 6,366
      hi Steve,
      Could you tell us please why Stars forbidden the T$ trade and when it is possible to trade again?

      thank you
    • uTz84
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    • CyberTox
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    • reinhardjs
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      That would indeed be nice. :)
    • joe0411xx
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    • Romeryo
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      I actually don't mind the changes, despite some slightly higher rake at the low-midstakes. What I do find a bit "missing the mark" is the more variety in buy-in levels. It's not a bad thing per se, but it distributes the recreational players a bit too much. Especially for 180 mans this is kind of ugly. First it was mostly 2,20s and 12s, a big step! But now weak players can choose between $1 and $3 etc. This splits the player pool of all that just used to play 2,20s since they couldn't afford 12s. I'm not playing these actually, but I know from guys that do so regulary that the games fill up much slower than before. This might be the case in other games as well.

      Just my 2 cents ;)

      PS: I'd appreciate Steve keeping us at updated :f_love:
    • Bigniux
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      Yes, it would be awesome to see official updates posted by Steve and especially, it would be great to have direct contact here with Pokerstars representative :)

      I'm not sure how more BI limits will influence traffic, yesterday 180mans seemed to have less of it, but this needs a bit of time to know if it's true or it's just the confusion of players who don't know about changes.

      But i hate one thing about blind structure. It totally destroys 180mans. Blinds start going up super fast late in the game. Blind levels are exactly same as they were at 3,000/1,500 blinds and higher, but now they move up 2mins faster!!! Final table is the most important place in 180mans to use your edge, but with current blind structure it highly reduces the ability to use that edge, now it is just push/fold and there's no space to do anything else. In my opinion the end game blind structure really needs some adjustments. I'm happy with a bit faster structure in mid game, but i want to use my edge in late game instead of playing it like hyper turbo with small edge :(

      Here's how 180mans structure looks now compared to old structure:

      After 30 mins:
      old structure = 100/200/0
      new structure = 100/200/25

      after 60 mins:
      old structure = 500/1000/100
      new structure = 800/1600/160

      after 90mins:
      old structure = 2500/5000/500
      new structure reaches cap at 6000/12000/1200

      Like i already said, i'm happy that we reach t1600 big blind in 60mins instead of t1000 big blind, but the speed of blinds going up later is just ridiculous :(

      Here are few options which would be really awesome if applied to 180mans structure:

      1. Increasing starting stacks(at least to 2,000 chips)
      2. Lowering cap to 5,000/2,500/500 blind level or even lower
      3. Increasing blind level time when blinds reach 2,000/1,000/100 level(or a bit earlier)
    • Furo
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      Add a Deal Button for MTTs please, nearly every other big pokerroom has it already
    • opabumbi
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    • Paxis
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      i dont know exactly why, but im in =D
    • Kraese
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      come on!