Is there any tool that counts how often I´ve flopped pairs/equity during a certain sample?

    • suaveplayer
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      I want something like this to be sure of what´s going on when I have a tough session where I feel I didn´t play bad.

      You know these where you just don´t flop anything?

      Ks9s gets a all heart flop.

      KQo 3bets, gets called the flop comes 29Tss, you cbet because you 3bet wide and could have TP, equity, something, but you get shoved on anyways.

      JJ 3 bet, gets called and get a AKQ type of board and he calls flop and turn, you realize he´s not giving up and you check fold river.

      But the thing is that I want to be sure, because it might also be my mind tricking me into believing I flopped too unfrequently to spare me from realizing I played badly.
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