Hey all!

    • Donsbabe
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      Happy to be apart off this huge comunity. I can already see its going to be so beneficial to my game and hopefully my career. I passed the quiz and will start on FTP as soon as my prize arrives. Going to stick to bank roll managment strategy and be patience;) Love the usefull videos u got on this site.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Donsbabe & welcome to the Community, really good to see you join us here.

      I'm sure that we will be able to help you get the maximum enjoyment out of poker. As you've mentioned we have lots of strategy articles, educational videos, free live coaching sessions etc and our members here are all friendly, helpful and keen to help each other with their own experiences.

      Just shout if you have any questions or concerns or indeed if you would like clarification on any aspect.

      Welcome once again and good luck with your poker :)

      Best regards,

    • belayd
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      What games are you playing on Full Tilt? I'm currently doing the 2+25 STTs and just reached my 100th. If you plan to do the same maybe we can compare notes.