Mansion Poker Connection Issues

    • KidCanada
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      Hey Folks,
      Has anyone else expierienced connection issues with Mansion? Up until tonight it was only a minor inconvienece, but tonight I was in a $10+1 MTT with 10 paid. 37 people left and I was in approx 20th place. When break time came I rebooted my PC as I was having issues connecting to Mansions websites (Cashier and Tournament Info). When my PC came back up I couldnt reconnect to Mansion.

      I tried different poker sites, tried websites, I even tried another computer and everything worked except Mansion. I tried to goto the Mansion homepage and all I got was an "Upgrading our software" message. If when they do their upgrades (which seems to be nightly) they take down their log-in servers they should really let people know or take down the site completely for an hour or 2 to perform maintenance.

      Just my 2 cents

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    • Quirinus42
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      Yeah, I've got the same problem... looks like we'll just have to wait. :/
    • Dippy19
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      Like I said in another post, mansion brakes down more often than a 10 year old car. If you ware in a middle of a turney you should contact their support team and try to resolve the issue.

      And some advice for the future:
      Once you log in to mansion, stay logged in the whole day if you plan to play.

      They sometimes post a massage in the lobby that they are going to shut down the server for maintenance, but if you're not careful it s pretty easy to mis.
    • KieronC
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      I was able to login to play just now.
      I playing a touney & suddenly the application hang & so i relogin.
      Then when i try to reconnect . It seem connection lost.

      They will refund our buy-in?
    • Glazenburg
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      Had the same problems yesterday. Couldn't start any new Cash tables anymore and couldn't enter the 'myAccount' website.

      Today it told me that my password was incorrect... :(

      Hope they get on top of things..

    • lira1977
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      Mansion is really the most awful poker room I have ever played at. Right now I am having trouble with releasing first deposit bonus, that is paid in 10 $ after coolecting 80 MCP. And from time to time I have also problem to open this software. Fortunately a lot of fishes play there, sometimes including me :-) Yesterday I ended there - 40 $ at NL25.