anyone got the 50 yet?

    • MaFiabRaT
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 2
      seems like this is a scam?
      no one's gotten the 50 yet, but they want us to be patient???

      come on man !
      dont advertise stuff if its going to take up so much valuable time of the customers. and especially if you can't cater to the promised made by the website !!
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    • ccookie
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      It's not a scam. Don't waste your "valuable time" on pointless accusations. They normally send money within 48 hours as promised, unless an ID check is required, then it takes longer.
    • Jesus80
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      i can sure u its not scam i already get the bonus and im happy :) its only about time ur not the only guy who are asking the money so be patient and u get it soon ...

      Best regards.
    • Bizaxta
      Joined: 06.11.2007 Posts: 127
      There are hundreds/thousands(?) of PS members who have either gotten the $50 or used the bonus codes for deposit bonuses. They are legit.
    • Acerdna
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      Got my bonus in about 24 hours.
    • helemaalnicks
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      If it's a scam, it's the worse scam ever. Anyway, everybody gets their money eventually. Patience is the nr. 1 skill in poker, work on that. Instead of accusing hard working people of crimes, plz. use the time to read articles and study a bit, so the 50$ won't be a waste.
    • damaincontender
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      yeah do as helemaalnicks suggested and read the articles ...coz at the moment u sound like a guy just waiting for 50 bucks to gamble....make a plan in the meanwhile set urself some goals read articles or start off a blog with some of ur ambitions and goals posted...that way i assure you time will fly by and ull have ur starting bankroll before u8 know it

      neway good luck
    • slikec
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      I got the money so they don't lie. Advises are great since i play better than before. I am new playing one month and i am glad i foudn this site so early. Before i invested 70$ my own money got to 20$ got 50$(from the singup bonus) so i got even. Now i readed stuf and now i am +20$ overall in 3 days:)

      Maybe is just good luck but is true i picked more carefully which hands i play and than is main reason so far i think for better score.

      So they don't lie and i will recomend them to my friends!