thank you for creating this site!

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      hi guys im from philippines im new guy in this site..all i can say this site is the best site ever!thank you guys for creating this site and thank you so much for all the strategies and videos it really helps to all players to improve their skills..more power to you guys!
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      Hi Guys,

      Thank you very much for the nice feedback. We are happy to hear that you enjoy your stay with :)

      Where are you guys playing, in which poker room? Currently what articles do you study and where would you need some improvement?

      Anything more you can tell us about yourselves will be helpful and will allow us to give you the best support to grow and be a great poker player.

      Looking forward to hear from you
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      wow more players from the Philippines! :D and such nice feedback too!

      this makes me so happy :) ingrid, i run so good today :f_love:

      warm welcome to our community! where in the philippines are you from?
      what have you decided to play? this site can really take you a long way. i hope you will be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer. there are a few filipinos around here like Yinyang (who plays mtts), myself (i play NLSH), dochazard (live shark). you will meet them around the forum soon enough.