Im currently on a losing streak were my reason for losing is not because off a run off bad beats butt because i am having a really hard time getting payed off when i have a big hands every time i have Aces preflop og flop a sett(or better) my opponent pretty mutch seems to instant fold.this is extremely frustrating since at the low limits were i play im looking to earn my cash from value betting....Another problem is having the sekond best hand all the time..An example is having top pair with a good kicker and my opponent having a better kicker and i don't mange to find a reason to fold to in a medium sized pot...Is this just another way off running bad??anyway i could improve my value betting strategy or any other part off my game....Im probably not the only one who feels like anytime i got a big hand everybody runs and every time i got something marginal i get 10 callers on a 9 man table..... GG