Moderater Help Required For Loads of Qs

    • neil0707
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      Hiya, i have posted on the community board for PS players in the local area to see if there would be any members who would want to meet up and have a live/league game. At the moment there are 13- 18 that have expressed an interest and a few maybes, so it looks as if it will take off quite soon. My problem is not really with setting up a league, but i will have to approach a Pub League Company to play in there structure as ther would be regionals and nationals we could aim for. I would like it to be for poker strat members only and there fore have an association with the site . I want to ask advice on this matter as i would not want to have a conflict of interest and im seeking advice from you as to how to progress. Mainly it would be the club name ie birmingham poker strategy players or members.
      Could you please help me as i do not want to breach any of your rules and any advice would be very welcome, obviously we will not use the pub leagues name on the site but photos and chat and results would be great to put up. Thank you, Neil
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