Video Discussion - Winning with Words by Daniel Negreanu

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      "Kid Poker" is unquestionably a great poker player. Over the years we've seen him make some incredible reads that have led to great calls, well-timed laydowns and optimal lines. He also utilises a cunning use of words and psychology to confuse his opponents into making bad plays.

      It's the EPT 7 London, September 2010, and Negreanu wins a big pot in the early stages with the worst hand. After raising the river, he induldges in some classic Negreanu mind tricks, announcing his opponent's hand and scaring him into a fold.

      What do you think of this hand? Should Daniel have called pre-flop or on the turn? Do you think the speech on the end won Daniel the hand? Should his opponent have played the hand differently?

      Let us know what you think right here. Enjoy!

      Take a look here at some more classic Daniel Negreanu reads and speech play:

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