Reviewing SNGs

    • BigAl123456
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      Hey All,

      I just spent 4 Hrs reviewing 43 SNGs I played yesterday this seems like to mcuh time out of my day. Can anybody suggest a qucker way.

      Party Pokers software is to bad to take notes on the run so I Mark all hands where i'm going to take a note and look through these in my review, so this adds to the time it takes to review.

      This is what I do when I sit down to review.

      1- I filter to SNGs played in the session so yesterday it was 43
      2- go from bottom to top going through each SNG looking at hands I marked I mark which are. Tough Spots, Push/Fold Spots and hands on Multi Tablers where I need to take a note.

      I dont have SNG Wiz so i have to manualy inport into ICM Trainer.

      I have to get 40 Points a day to clear this bounus and 2day I'm not gonna strat grinding untill after I post this it 5:45pm and I woke up at 10am this morning.

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    • DonCorleone369
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      Well, I think your method is the most efficient way which is like u said 1)mark hands in-game, 2) filter it in HEM for review and 3) go from top to bottom using the "Only Show Marked Hands" 4) use ICM trainer/Wiz/Nash calculator and 5) post those questionable hands on forums like

      The only advice I can give you is to get SnG Wiz ASAP. Instead of ICM trainer I used nash calculator (practically the same) and manually input those hands too which takes quite some time as you said. But now that I've got Wiz for some time I just use their "nash calculator button" which does it automatically for u (and saves u a loottt of time) and just use Wiz in those spots where I believe nash is far off etc. or to have a more specific analysis on them.

    • akrammon
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      Getting Wiz for HEM is really plus EV. It's one click to import the hand into Wiz and it's another click to check the nash ranges. Imo when you are openpushing, in most situations you will be around the nash range so it's easier to just check whether you are within the nash range.

      Also you won't have to mark ALL push/fold situations, as obviously some are trivial. As you get more experience, more situations will be trivial, so less hands will be marked, etc.

      But really, buy Wiz. Very helpful and useful. In some tough spots I recommend using Explorer instead of Wiz, but Wiz is quicker in the "easier", yet not trivial spots.

      (btw I do it the same way as you do it)