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      I am 25 years old guy from Slovenia. I study economics and hope I will finish my studies in a year or two. For now this is my main occupation. Yes I know very well that I was a bit lazy. I have two real passions: playing poker and computer programming.

      My first touch with poker was probably about three and a half years ago. I was bored and was watching TV, switching between channels like crazy. Then I notice interesting unfamiliar sport on Eurosport channel. I was watching for a few minutes and then I figured out that poker is going on(I don’t remember which tournament it was but I remember that I saw Dan Harrington playing). It seemed very interesting and I logged on to the Internet to find some more information. After searching for a while I found Poker Stars. I played there a bit for play money for a month or two.

      Few months later I found that in Ljubljana is local poker club. Once a week there was a low cash game running manly for presentation purposes. Buy in was 2500SIT (this was before we’ve got Euro and is about 10EUR). It was a limit game and I was beating it playing my nit style at that time. They were also offering small bonus when depositing to Party Poker. So I deposit 50$ and get 25$ bonus. At that time lowest game on Party was 0.5/1 limit Hold’em. I was of course very uderrolled. I lost all of it very quickly due to variance and lack of knowledge. At that time I noticed that poker is serious game and it is not just about gambling. I studied some literature and get familiar with basic concepts of the game. Then for a year or two I didn’t play a hand on the Internet. I presented poker to my friends and we were playing some micro limit home games. It was a limit Hold’em night once or two times a month. With my knowledge I was beating these games lightly. I was also playing some student 5EUR buy-in tournaments with practical prizes (there were around 35 – 50 players each time). In one of them, after my KK get cracked by A9, I finished 3rd and get 100 chip set as a prize. But I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to poker beside these home game and tournaments.

      There weren’t a lot of interest for poker among my friends and home games became very rare. So I decided to deposit again on Party last year. I started to play limit Hold’em with 100$, this time appropriately rolled, because there were also micro limit games. I didn’t have much success. Then I notice that a lot of players are playing no-limit. It seemed interesting so I start searching Internet for resources on NL. I came across 2+2 forums and start reading them. I spent a lot of hours doing that and first success was here. I was beating 5NL and 10NL. Than it happened: I wanted to make some quick money and started to play SNG’s and lost a big portion of my bankroll. I also place sport bet on basketball match Slovenia vs Greece, Quarter final of Eurobasket 2007. We lost after amazing turnover so as my bankroll did. I was left with 50$.

      I had to much time (I was trying to study) in December 2007 and January 2008. I had strange feeling that I was missing something. Of course it was poker. I decided to get serious one more time. I was playing 5NL again on Party starting with 50$. I made it to about 150$ or so when I came across PokerStrategy. This site is getting more and more popular here in Slovenia I think. I find short stack strategy very interesting and started to play according to it. I made it from 150$ to 500$ or so in January playing NL25 and NL50 SSS. Then again I started to play big stack. I hit upswing and made some profit to around 600 or so. There were a lot of short stacks at the full ring tables so I decided to move on short handed game. I made it to 770$ and then downswing hit me and I had 400$. It was probably caused by my bad play at those SH tables. Then I decided to stick 100% to SSS. I was playing purely 50NL SSS this month. Two days ago my bankroll was around 800$, so I decided to take shoot at NL100. It was great at first. But yesterday I hit 14 buy in downswing. I lost some incredible hands. I also am not entirely tilt prone. So I tilted away one or two buy ins. Now my bankroll is at 600$ and I am playing 50NL again determined to stick to SSS 100%.

      I am still a bronze member. I received my starting capital from PS at Titan poker. But I really can’t multi-table there. I am planning to move some of my bankroll to Poker Stars and register account with PS to gain my status and help Poker Strategy with portion of my rake. I hope it will be very big soon.

      I am really glad that I came across Poker Strategy. It helps my game a lot. Thank you PS staff and all other posters.

      I will write more about my achievements playing short stack strategy in next post.
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