Full tilt tourney

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      Hey guys so Happy i had $27 in my account and used $26 to enter a $5000 Gtd tourney at Full-Tilt Pl, The thing had i have noticed it was Pl i probably wouldnt have entered but by chance i did. Now for a long time i was in Mid Position there were 253 entrants and at one point i was 198 of the 253 with a chip stack of 4k when Chip leader was like 40k. I hung on and played very selective hands and it paid off i suddenly found my self in the top 40 with top 30 finishers paid.I hit a couple of monster hands and before i knew it i was in the top 10. I had pp9 and heads up against chip leader with 40k he raised to 9k i called flop was 292 i checked to him he bet the pot and i called turn was an A and i bet 10k and he pushed me all in he had A2. I found myself in 2nd position with 40 ppl remaining.I hung on and then i got pocket Jacks and went up against chip leader who raised to 12k i reraised to 24 and he pushed all in,i was scared of PpA but i called anyway no guts no glory lol.He had pp10s flop was all diamonds and i had a J of diamods he had non i won the pot and found myself in first position in a comfortable lead.Any way made final table with 6 players remaing i got Aj and raised i got reraised and i called flop came AJ2 I bet the pot which was about 50k and he called he had 29k remaining the turn was an Ace and i pushed him all in he called with AQ and hit his Q on the river and took the pot.I hardly got any good hands after that and managed to stik it out and got knocked out in third place with a Win of $738 which was awesome as i only had $1 in my account. Lol couldnt be happier
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      Originally posted by DaAcemanAA
      no guts no glory
      Who do you think you are, TonyG :D

      Nicely done and congratulation's, but your BRM stinks :P

      You ware probably pulling that last stand crap :D , never worked for me...

      You have just received a second chance to start with a high BR, I suggest you don't pull stunts like this anymore.

      Good luck.

      PS: I would have probably folded that JJ in the bubble if I ware you, or maybe push, not raise...(Don't really know, but it's a push or fold situation)