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best tournaments to make money

    • cekpirus88
      Joined: 16.06.2011 Posts: 441
      hey I have been playing poker for more than 1 year, I have not seen any good result but never studied. now that I found this web site I think I have improved a lot and start earing... but just a little ...
      a consideration about tournaments.
      1) SIT AND GO
      3) NO LIMIT CASH POKER (starting from 0,2-0.5 €)
      4) LIMIT CASH (starting from 0,2-0.5 €)

      I have seen that in 2) TOURNAMENTS and 4) LIMIT CASH (starting from 0,2-0.5 €) it is very very difficult to make money... in 2) you need to be very lucky, some 2) can last 4-5 hours and I assure it is not like playing live. the concentration for me is not so long... you need to be focused and when you want to eat or make a phone call you just need to stick on the 5 minutes break every hour...if you really want to make money you need to arrive to the final table because if not you just take your money back and that s it...
      for 4) the situation is a bit different, but I have playing micro limits because I want to keep an eye on my bankroll and I do not want to overshoot myself. especially before the flop people play very loose and even if you have pocket AA you can not raise so much and maybe you loose after a continuation betting and loosing a lot of money.

      For 1) and 3) even if you do not play so much money, you can earn, not so much, but something. in a sit and go you play more concentrated than a tournament, usually it can last maximum 2 hours, and i like slow sit and go where levels last 10 minutes, so you can play but not in a hurry.. the same for no limit cash, even if you play 0,5 € per big blind, in big hands you can really make some cash because you can raise the right amount and sometimes go all inn before the flop with big pocket pairs..

      well I d like to know what do you think and what you think is the most profitable..
      thanks ;)
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    • Scaletta
      Joined: 24.03.2011 Posts: 235
      Well it all depends on what you personally are good at... I'm playing NLHE cash tables myself mostly and for a beginner like me it's been a good start. I would like to start learning more about MTT's and SNG's, but I reckon I have a lot of studying to do before I can start playing these types profitably. At cash tabled you can stick to one certain strategy throughout the whole game, which makes it easier for beginners, while in SNG's and MTT's you gotta adapt your game according to the stacks and blinds changing all the time, and that's what makes it so much more difficult IMO.
    • keoghh
      Joined: 01.07.2011 Posts: 857
      I think each can be very profitable in there own way and each one doesnt suit every person, but the difference is varience, in tournaments for example you could go 20 tournies without even a cash, then win the 21st tourny and your massively in the profit, on the other hand there is less varience in cash games, but the winnings will be less per session and so you will need to grind up the profits. Hope this helped :)
    • matel17
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 1,278
      I suck at cash games but studying and playing 6max turbo sit n gos my bankroll went from $30 to (almost) $200 now in about a month a half. It's not a much of course, but at least at first your main goal should be to learn the game.

      Personally my weakness is being unable to play 8 to 12 tables at a time. :f_mad:

      good luck
    • totalfish
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 62
      hi cekpirus88!

      IMO the best way to start is playing NL cash game full ring.

      starting as you say NL5 (0.02-0,05) but you should have at least 25 BI ie 150$ bankroll.

      i play now in this limit and in few days i will move up to NL10 :s_biggrin:

      just read the articles for BSS and you will do it fine, its a very good site and it help me a lot to improve my game.

      in cash games you can sit and leave whenever you want, you don't get anxious for the blinds as it never grow up and you can wait patiently for the big hands to play if you are a tight player.

      MTT have more varience and its more difficult to make some money but if you hit one you can cash big but you have to play for hours to reach final table and if you want to do something else at the same time you can't, in cash games you have more 'freedom'.

      for limit holdem i can't say much cause i suck at it.

      also sit n'goes its a good idea but i think the variance is bigger than cash games.

      but whatever works best for you!!! :)