A couple of points about Party Poker

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      Just thought I'd mention about a couple of experiences I had with PartyPoker.

      One is, I was away from the tables for about a year, when I came back I found that PartyPoker had taken quite a bit off my bankroll I had with them. They have this thing where after 180 days of inactivity they take an admin fee every month. So be aware all you part-timers and if you plan to be away then put your bankroll somewhere else like your neteller account.

      Second is, I recently took advantage of one of their "try our casino with a free $10 bonus and see if you like it" offers.
      I thought, can't hurt and took their $10 and put it all in the slots, took about 35 seconds to loose it which is about what I expected.
      However, now when I look at my PP bankroll, $10 of it is restricted to the casino and cannot be used on the poker tables.
      (So what? I hear you sneer...)
      Well, at the time my bankroll is only $27 See my blog if interested why.

      So I now only have a $17 bankroll.

      I hope this information helps others avoid some little mistakes I made.
      Probably no fault of PartyPoker, I just didn't read the small print.... :(
      Now I have learned... :)
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