How to deal with great regs?

    • PetChoveka
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      Hi SNG people :)

      I`m playing the 30$s at stars for over a month and i managed to beat them and i`m starting to look higher for the 60$s, but they`re kind of full with very good regs / with like 40-50k$ winings per year / and i feel not so confident to go and play with them. If u have any idea of how to get my game vs regs better will be great, also any kinds of advices are welcome.
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    • SSteel
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      Before black friday I have also had beaten 30$ SnG's at Full Tilt and was looking at 50$ ones. Have used this back then:
      1) Pick an annoying reg
      2) Spend a day (or more if needed) by playing all tables with him and gathering information, reads etc..., but be focused only on him. Watch every play of his. This includes everything, every hand, every play he makes.
      3) Analyze results, find his leaks, weakness, develop a playing style that would counter his.
      4) Repeat steps 1-3 for every reg that annoys you.
      This process is time and money consuming, but for me it was worth it. Hope this helps.
    • ghaleon
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      Best advice really would be to table select well enough to avoid most of very good regs...

      Personally I have studied play of some regs using HEM filters, but versus very good regs it kind of easily get to some leveling spots after some history depending how much he multitable. I see much more benefit of HEM study versus mass multitablers as they have obviously harder time to differ from their default play.

      So I try to especially make notes of plays where hero and villain has been in same pot to adjust future plays considering that history.

      Not sure, if any videos would have good content for reg adjustment? Faarcyde mentioned in some of his video I watched that he might do video for that in future, if my memory works somewhat ok :)

      May I ask what sample size you have for beating 30$s?
    • PetChoveka
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      I`ll try to play against some of them, when there is only 1 per table. Today one of the great regs playd some 30s and i stoped registering. I was on 1 table with him and traped him like a pro. I`m so proud of me :D
      I have 1500 on the 30$s with 3.9 EV ROI. I play like 14-15 tables and still got lots of leaks and a lot to improve / that`s why i spam in the evaluation forum that much :D /

      I don`t think it`ll be that easy to table select without very good regs, because there aren`t so many tables and most of them are mass multitabling. May be i`ll start the 60$s playing 5-6-8 tables and try to search for leaks and try to outplay them in the begining. Then when they see my leaks i think they`ll crush me, but i`ll try to get better till then

      A video for this by faarcyde sounds awesome
    • JayGatsby
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      avoiding very good regs is for the most part not possible on 60s+ because there arent that many games.

      I think against very good regs you should just play straightforward most of the time. (then it will be hard for them to exploit you).

      I also think one shouldnt overanalyze their games, there is much more value in adapting and exploiting 'not so good regs' and fishes because they make much more mistakes.

      Vs. very good regs most spots become just standard 'set-ups' and only in very rare cases they exploit you or become exploitable (well I play the Hyperturbos, and its definitely true there, but to a certain extent this is also true for normal speeds).

      Just mark hands where they make strange non-standard plays and ask yourself why they made that play...
    • lessthanthreee
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      table select as much as possible.
      take good notes.
      get coaching.
      dont FPS.

      the value in those games comes from the fish, just make sure you are not getting super exploited and try not get into spite wars.
    • CollinMoshman
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      Nice work holding your own at the $30s.

      I agree with HEM filtering to study specific regs that you play with a lot. For shove/fold/call decisions, study the Nash ranges at holdemresources. Even if neither of you makes a mistake, at least you know he's not getting an edge on you. The key thing is having enough weak players to pay the rake and give you some profit. Unless you're on the SNE grind, it's never worth it to continue loading tables without at least a few weak players.
    • Steambull
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      Maybe it's a good idea to get a connected sidegame, like 6max or 18-player SNG. So you will be able to get te softest games possible at the given time.

      secondly, you could mix games, $60's for rakeback and VIP-level, $30 for some profit.

      I also know that one of the coaches will produce an article of beating regs, but we'll have to wait for that.