Video Discussion - Phil Ivey Owns Hard

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      This week we see an example of why Phil Ivey is considered by many to be the world's best poker player.

      After Andrew Feldman makes a questionable call out of position when Ivey has 3-bet his open-raise with air, a paired flop sets Ivey's cogs in motion.

      Ivey's read is spot on after Feldman plays back at him on the flop. After floating, the turn is nail-in-the-coffin, thanks-for-the-monies, that's-just-how-I-roll time.

      Check out the action and tell us what you think of how this hand went down.

      [Million Dollar Cash Game Season 5 - Ivey vs Feldman]

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      phil ivey owes hard
    • DailyDollarPro
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      Mistake 1: calling 3-bet oop with speculative hand.
      Mistake 2: Check raising on a flop where he cant rep much.

      Opening KQs is fine. When Ivey 3-bets, he should be looking to fold or 4-bet. Stack size and table dynamics being the deciding factors. Instead he calls, reping weakness. :f_confused:

      On the flop Feldman finds himself in an ugly spot with a hand that could well be the best, but is still losing to pocket deuces. His hand is a drawing hand and he has no draw. If it's ahead, it's not ahead by much, if it's behind he has at best 6 outs, at worst he is drawing to runner runner. He is out of position and does not have the initiative so leading out here would not make any sense. He takes the standard line of 'checking to the raiser', again reping weakness. :f_frown:

      Ivey on the other hand is reping strength. Feldman checks to him on the flop, he knows this flop did not connect with much of his range, he has the initiative, standard spot to c-bet. :s_cool:

      Feldman check raises. :f_mad: He realises that he has been reping weakness up to this point, but now decides that to win the hand he must try and rep some strength. The problem is there is very little he can rep on this board. The only hand he can truly check raise for value here is pocket 10s as it is very unlikely that he called a 3bet with a 5 in his hand. Any other value hands in his range (pocket pairs, 10x) would just call. Check raising AA on this board would be bad as all you do is fold out Ivey's bluffs. Ivey is good enough to fold KK or QQ in this spot if he truly thinks you have him beat.

      It is clear to Ivey that Feldman is uncomfortable with his hand. Feldman is pausing before each action while nervously shuffling his chips and desperately avoiding eye contact. He could have re raised on the flop and taken it down, instead he is so confidant in his read that he simply floats, reping a pocket pair as he has consistently done through the hand. :s_grin:

      As soon as Feldman checks the turn the hand is over. It is likely that he was too deep to push all in and Ivey is reping too much strength by calling the raise on the flop. Had Feldman c-bet the turn I think Ivey may well have pushed all in over the top! Now that would have been pure class! :s_biggrin:
    • Tim64
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      Agreed. Feldman's check raise on the flop is idiotic. There is simply no hand in his range that it would makes sense to do this with. check/call would be much better, since then Ivey at least has to consider the possibility that he is being trapped by a monster like TT.
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