Titan Micro Horror

    • bondovac
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      Hi everyone :) ,

      I was 25nl FTP rush regular and started playing at Titan due to PokerStrategy first aid (Thanks for that :f_cool: ). I dont to want just vent here, but I can't win a single pot here at Titan. Last 13K-ish hands were so horrible, it bothers me.

      I played 10nl PLO, first started crushing, then came The Backdoor Horror. Hand after hand, i was backdoored by 63s, crushing my higher set, dominating flushdraw or whatelse.

      I was quickly at 200$, cooled my head, and started playing NL4/5 FR holdem. I am playing 18/14/ 3.5 3b/ 2.5 agg/ 60 cbet/ 50 turn bet and I can't win a single 80/20 "flip" lol. I opened support chat and started calling them names, Ziigmund was nothing compared to me. :f_biggrin: (Sorry Titan support staff) I am now down to 120$ and fighting to win a single button pot.

      Is there someone with similar Titan story like me? I lost my confidence ;(

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    • sinsas
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      take a break..
    • Jafreiteris
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      i think sites have no diffrence in this. Its just you run cold now, and have a bad luck. Mainly what i think poker is you like it or not have luck involed, and i have noticed that when you run hot, you get good cards and flops almost one after other. Even if you play on dif sites. But now you get beaten in 80 fav so i suggest going total nit or taking a break for two or more days
    • GAS852
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      I received first aid bonus at Titan Poker too. I’m badly surprised about poker room.

      Firstly it is because Live Support provides incorrect information or simply changes their minds (in my case it was about withdrawal conditions and time frames).

      Secondly due to Titan Poker software update I couldn't finish one of my tournaments. I contacted with poker room and they said that will refund me tournament fee SHORTLY. I was satisfied with their decision, but after a day nothing was changed at my account balance. So I asked when I will receive refunds. The answer was max 48h. At the moment is 3 days past and still no refund.

      About bad runs, yes I recently lost approximately ten from 80/20 to 40/60 coinflips in a row, so bad things happens there.
    • TilTmuch
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      well if this helps u, then :
      i have only had 1 winning day in september @ ipoker and im down about 50BI in SH games :) and graph is just a downhill with almost no up's in it for about 50k+ hands
    • bondovac
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      Finished with session, 6 times i had to cooler KK with AA, every time there was flopped K. TILTJUICE!!!!

      Just lol