First Deposit Bonus of 200% up to €1,500 & Welcome Package

Bonus Terms
The first deposit bonus will be activated by any deposit and in order to receive the full €1,500 bonus you would just need to deposit €750.

In addition to the bonus you will also receive 20 Reward Points as well as several tournament tokens:
• 1x €5 token
• 5x €1 tokens
• 1 token to a weekly $1,000 tournament.

Time Restrictions
The bonus has to be cleared within 60 days and you will get to keep the money you have earned in case you have not cleared the entire bonus.

Clearing & Release Rates
The bonus is awarded in increments of €0.50. In order to receive the bonus, a player must earn Summit Points by participating in real money ring games and tournaments within the Everest Poker software. As Summit Points are accumulated, the player’s account will be automatically credited with the corresponding cash bonus amount.

• For the first €5, €0.50 is released for every 5 Summit Points generated, equivalent to 100% cashback.
• For the next €15, €0.50 is released for every 10 Summit Points generated, equivalent to 50% cashback.
• For the remaining €1,480, €0.50 is released for every 20 Summit Points generated, equivalent to 25% cashback.

You earn Summit Points at the rate of 10 for every €1 in rake.

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