Problem with Portuguese Community!!

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      Dear Ps,

      Because of the FTP u guys had to make several ajustments, I know several community had to shrink theyr staff, so there ins't a big deal, but we are facing several mismanagements and our head administrator had to send some guys home, but he made the worst choice sending away all the staff that really works and care for our community.

      and we, users, open a thread in our feedback page, to discuss and have some explanation about the decisions, and we keep arguing but they don't give any reasonable explanation.

      I will put the link with the google translator above and the direct link

      So they fired 2 guys and made some arrangements in the coaching, they even put one MTT player (weak one) for coaching in the SNG gold weakly coach? WTF!!!

      So they fired Rita and Pixinas both were the hearth of our community, they always work hard to make we bigger and stronger, they always give good feedbacks and threath all our complains with the correct respect and atention.

      And for the unreal they hired another administrator that is the wife of another administrator, so u guys can fire two very good staff members, and hire one girl because she is wife of some1, WTF!!!! They don't even give any news on the head page of our community about this,
      That girl that were hired dont even know how to play poker, WTF!!!

      PS: sorry for the poor english.
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    • Korn
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      Dear Caipor4,

      thanks for your message.

      During the past days, we have to make some tough and difficult decsions with regards to several areas of the business and members of staff.

      This is only indirectly related to Full Tilt. Without going into too much detail, the poker market overall has slowed down considerably from late 2010 onwards. The company strategy, however, has been focussed on growth - as it has been since 2007 and which is also the reason why we are fully available in 19 languages.

      However, the growth we envisioned was not achieved in 2011. Business is about the same as it was in 2010. The difference is that we invested heavily, in multiple business units and those overall costs are much higher than they were in 2010.

      While the company overall continues to do well, in many areas of our business, the PT/BR community being one of them, things were not looking good.

      Thus, what we did was to analyse the situation in detail. As a result of this, several things were optimized internally and externally - and, as a very painful and sad final step, we also had to part ways with some employees.

      I can fully understand your anger and frustration and also want to apologize for being responsible for causing it. I can also fully understand if you do not agree with some of the choices made but also assure you that they were not made lightly. I do of course hope that you can muster the trust to believe this, as we are not able and also not allowed to commet on specific cases.

      When we conducted our analysis and made the decisions that needed to be made, one of our key goals was to make sure that you, the players, will continue to receive a great service from us.

      You might now not be able to understand how this can be if some people are now no longer with us. Here, I would like to ask for your trust and a few weeks time, as deeds are always stronger than words and I am fully convinced that after these tough times the future for the PT/BR community is very good one.

      In case you have any questions or want to get in touch with me personally, feel free to contact me at dominik --- at ----

      Also, please don't give the PT/BR community team such a hard time. The past days were also not easy for them. I can assure you that everybody there is fully focussed and motivated to create the best that we ever had.
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      PT/BR commu used to be amazing when BAKANO was leading its just a big LOL imo...
    • kapelusznik
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      deja vu?
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      Dear Korn,

      Mainly ty for ur prompt response, I know Augusto had reach u by phone and told u about this thread.

      But take a litle bit of ur time and read our thread, not post a standart answer in every complain forum.

      Our main point over there, it's we need more explanations, been advise ahead of decisions regarding mainly the educacional area: including add coachs, change coachs, etc.

      We need a hell of Education Manager ahead for our community, not a player that already show us that he is not even a regular player. :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:

      They made nonsence changes.

      So if Full Tilt comeback we gonna have more things, and the newest news about their future are very good.

      best regards and have a nice weekend

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      [quote]Original de rgs78
      [quote][i]Original de Korn[/] Deeds are stronger than words and I'm convinced that in a few weeks time you will see that things are going to be fine or even better than before.

      Best regards,
      Dominik / Korn[/quote]First of all, thank you for your contribution.
      However, you brought nothing new, I'm sorry to say.

      But, I agree with you on the quoted words. I'll wait for the deeds.
      On the meanwhile, do not feel surprised if you notice an even greater decrease on rake.
      People are upset and suspicious. And you can't blame them for that.

      I wish you all the best! As it will also be the best for us all.[/quote]